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Using Loadero Python Client To Store Test Data In GitHub

Loadero API allows managing and running tests just as one would via the Loadero web application. However, sending an HTTP request every time a test needs to be created, updated, or run can become cumbersome. We already had a Java client, which makes the processes easier, and now Loadero team has been hard at work creating a new client and we are proud to present – Loadero-Python.


Introduction to async/await in TypeScript

Imagine if your application were allowed to perform only one task at a time. For example, if users download their favourite music or scroll through the feed, delivering seamless navigation would have needed interdimensional sorcery! However, thanks to asynchronous programming, such cases are easily avoidable during development. So, be it a mobile app or web application, the usability of asynchronous programming is inevitable.


Debugging in Elixir and Erlang: An Introduction

Welcome to part one of this two-part series on debugging in Elixir and Erlang. In this post, we'll use several different tools and techniques to debug Elixir code. First, we'll get to know the demo project I created to showcase certain tools: dist_messenger. It's an Elixir project of a distributed messaging system that can be used directly on IEx. It allows users in different nodes to send and receive messages to each other.


Best 10 Free Financial Datasets for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry can benefit from AI, data and machine learning to advance manufacturing quality and productivity, minimize waste and reduce costs. With ML, manufacturers can modernize their businesses through use cases like forecasting demand, optimizing scheduling, preventing malfunctioning and managing quality. These all significantly contribute to bottom line improvement.


What's new in November? The latest customer tips, tricks, and news from Sisu

Hi everyone, After the exciting news last month of Sisu’s expanded strategic partnership with Google Cloud, our team is hard at work on creating this seamless integration between Google Cloud’s business intelligence platforms and the Sisu Decision Intelligence Engine. This comes alongside our continuous work to improve the core of the platform, including making it easier to share insights with your data consumers.

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Learn About Responsive Website Design and Responsive Design Testing

Learn the basics of responsive website design and testing to help your team ensure great UX across different devices and configurations. One of the main challenges that development and QA teams face today involves screen resolution. Depending on the device from which a user connects, screen resolutions could range from a mere 320 pixels wide (the screen width on the iPhone 5, which has the smallest resolution of modern devices) to 4K desktop displays with resolutions of 3840 by 2160 pixels or more.


MerLoc - Local Debugging for Serverless Applications: Why and How

Offering quick deployment, scalability, and a broad range of supported tools, serverless applications are becoming increasingly popular. Flexible pay-as-you-go payment plans offered by most cloud services help minimize costs, adding a financial incentive as the cherry on top of the developer’s cake. But as we know, software engineering is a game of trade-offs, and serverless architectures come with their own challenges.