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The Role of Kubernetes in Production Traffic Replication

Organizations are starting to realize that simply writing tests to generate traffic is simply not good enough. Rather, production traffic replication is now necessary, where you record traffic from your production environment and then replay it in your development environment. To match the modern principles of this testing methodology, it makes sense to also utilize modern infrastructure, like Kubernetes.


Publish to App Store Connect with Codemagic's Apple Developer Portal integration

Last year, we introduced an easier way of distributing your app to users via the App Store. It simplified and automated publishing apps on App Store Connect with a few lines you could add to your codemagic.yaml file. This feature automated your iOS releases from start to finish and pushed the CI-verified builds straight to the App Store. We are excited to announce that we have simplified this process even further! Now, you can directly reference the API key and authenticate with App Store Connect!

Ably Terraform Provider in Action

The verified Ably Terraform Provider greatly simplifies the provisioning and managing of realtime architectures that include Ably via Terraform, the most popular Infrastructure-as-Code tool on the market. Ably is part of the software architecture of many high-scale cloud-based applications, enabling services and products to deliver complete realtime functionality directly to their end users.

10 reasons to choose Codemagic CI/CD in 2022-2023

Codemagic is a CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) tool that is best suited for mobile developers. It can help you speed up your release cycle, get actionable feedback faster, and forget about the pain of manually submitting your apps to stores. Codemagic is evolving fast: This year, we added M1 Mac mini build machines and changed our pricing so that everyone can afford to use the friendliest mobile DevOps tool on the market.


Transform Your DevOps and User Experiences with Latest Appian Release

The above definition of user experience (UX) explains why Appian continues to be a leader and innovator in process automation. We know that it’s not just providing developers with the technology they need that’s important, but it’s also how visually appealing and easy to use those tools are. And just as important is delivering the flexibility that allows you to create apps and interfaces that delight end users.


Code signing issues in Xcode 14 and how to fix them

Since the release of Xcode 14, numerous code signing issues have emerged, plaguing builds across various CI/CD platforms. And even though code signing process was never easy, issues like these were relatively uncommon in previous versions of Xcode, such as Xcode 13 and Xcode 12, leaving many developers worried. If you are facing some unfamiliar code signing issues with Xcode 14, while everything seems to be fine with your keys and certificates, you aren’t alone.

Managing Kuma Tokens with HashiCorp Vault

Managing tokens in Kuma can be a challenging and manual process. Both the user and dataplane token lifetimes need to be manually tracked and managed. This ultimately becomes a burden for DevOps, and long life tokens end up being used. In this session, you will learn how to: Kong Builders is a livestream series that takes our developer-focused toolsets and puts them on display in the best venue possible – building applications and connecting workloads.

What is continuous deployment?

After working on a new feature or an improvement, it's normal that you want to deliver these changes to your users as fast as possible. Depending on your deployment pipeline, confidently deploying changes to production might include coordinating with whoever is leading on-call, getting their approval, manually deploying your changes, spending hours to monitor how it goes, and performing a rollback in case something goes wrong.


38 Best CI/CD tools In 2022

There has been widespread adoption of CI/CD tools to streamline software development and testing processes in recent years. 47% of DevOps teams say they have fully automated their testing journey in 2022, a feat most significant to enumerate the importance of automation to optimize resource usage. This trend has driven 35% of developers to release codes twice as fast, facilitating higher revenues and better effort utilization.