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Democratizing AI with Open Source | Apache Con - Community Over Code - Keynote 2023 | Charu Anchlia

How do Open Source contributions to datasets, models, and tools foster AI adoption - both in enterprises as well as organizations focused on social good? Charu Anchlia, Enterprise AI Architect at Cloudera, presents a keynote at ApacheCon 2023 focusing on the future of democratized AI fueled by open source communities. To learn more about Cloudera visit

Resume Format for API Testing Profile | LinkedIn Profile Optimization | Sidharth Shukla #restassured

In this informative session, Sidharth Shukla delves into the intricacies of crafting a compelling resume for an API testing profile and optimizing your LinkedIn profile for career success. Navigating the competitive landscape of API testing requires a strategic approach to showcasing your skills and experience, and Sidharth provides valuable insights on what to include and how to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Mastering Test Data Management in the Era of Automation! | #automationtesting #testdata

Join us in this enlightening video as we delve into the world of overcoming challenges in digital management, especially in the era of test automation. Learn how to navigate the complexities and optimize your test data strategies for seamless automation.

How to build an API with a POST method

Building custom APIs to receive data via a POST method. This video answers the questions: How to create a REST API with a POST method How to quickly make an API with a POST method How to create a data API with a POST method How to distribute data via API with a POST method Linx is a general-purpose, low-code platform for backends. Developers use Linx to build, test, deploy and manage backend solutions such as APIs, integrations and automations.

Software Testing Jobs on 30th November | Automation Tester Vacancies | Curated Job Openings for QAs

This video is a top resource that provides you with the latest job opportunities in the software testing and quality assurance (QA) industry. It allows you to stay up-to-date with the rapidly changing technological landscape by exploring exciting career prospects in both manual and automation testing. Given the high demand for qualified software testers, now is an excellent time to enhance your career prospects.

Introduction to #RestAssured API Automation with AssertJ Assertions | Bhargav Murari | #APITesting

In this comprehensive tutorial, Bhargav Murari dives into the powerful combination of RestAssured and AssertJ for effective API testing. Join Bhargav as he provides a detailed introduction to RestAssured and AssertJ, shedding light on their roles in testing RESTful APIs and the synergies gained from using them together.

How to Show ROI in Test Automation & Other Community Questions Answered

Welcome to Test Case Scenario! In this episode, our panel answers community questions as they unravel and decode the ROI of test automation. Dive into an engaging discussion with a touch of humor with host Jason Baum, along with panel Nikolay Advolodkin, Marcus Merrell, and Evelyn Coleman.

Universal Data Distribution with Cloudera DataFlow for public cloud

The speed at which you move data throughout your organization can be your next competitive advantage. Cloudera DataFlow greatly simplifies your data flow infrastructure facilitating complex data collection and movement through a unified process that seamlessly transfers data throughout your organization. Even as you scale. With Cloudera DataFlow for Public Cloud you can collect and move any data (structured, unstructured, and semi-structured) from any source to any destination with any frequency (real-time streaming, batch, and micro-batch).

How to Write API Test Cases Using ChatGPT | Sidharth Shukla | #apitesting #chatgpt #chatgptprompts

In this hands-on demonstration, Sidharth Shukla showcases the innovative integration of ChatGPT in writing API test cases. Breaking new ground in the world of testing, Sidharth illustrates how ChatGPT, a powerful language model, can be harnessed to streamline and enhance the process of crafting API test cases.