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Qlik and Confluent Together Deliver Real-Time Data Streaming To Kafka

Qlik Data Integration enable you to automatically produce real-time transaction streams into Kafka. Take advantage of modern analytics and microservices, enabling streaming analytics as well as streaming ingestion into data lakes and data warehouse platforms. And unlock the potential of data from legacy systems with microservices environment integrations.

Happy birthday, Testlio

On a gloomy Friday evening ten years ago, two young Estonian entrepreneurs with a dream sat in a dimly lit flat in London, trying to come up with a name for their future company that would improve the way software testing is done. The AngelHack hackathon was starting the next day and the couple was planning to to pitch their idea there. A bit before midnight, the goal of choosing the company name was reached - Testlio was officially registered and our founders Kristel and Marko Kruustük were ready to take on one of the biggest and rewarding journeys of their life - creating a globally distributed company that powers networked testing to enable human possibilities.

Katalon with AWS CodePipeline integration - an End-to-end test automation solution

With AWS, Katalon creates a seamless testing experience for teams of any size and accelerates the agile software development process. Both Katalon and AWS CodePipeline play a critical role in continuous delivery, where AWS CodePipeline automates the building and deployment of applications, and Katalon ensures the quality of the applications by automating tests. In order to help customers deliver faster & release on time, Katalon has built an integration where automation scripts can be stored in AWS CodeCommit, and an AWS CopePipeline project can execute them using the integration.

Supporting custom user attributes with SCIM 2 #Identityin15

In today's episode, we will discuss how you can define custom user attributes in SCIM 2.0 using a custom schema in just 15mins. WSO2 Identity Server allows adding custom attributes into user objects through Enterprise User Extension. From IS-6.0.0 onwards, you can use a custom schema to manage your custom attributes of the user.