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GitTogether | GenAI & Open Source | Kunal Deo

The resurgence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recent years owes much to a pivotal moment: the publication of a groundbreaking paper by Google. This event underscores the significant role of Open Source in advancing AI technologies. In this presentation, we delve into how Open Source is not just influencing but also shaping the landscape of Generative AI (GenAI). However, our focus extends beyond the traditional dichotomy of Open Source versus proprietary technologies. Instead, we explore the complementary nature of both realms in fostering the development of the AI ecosystem.

GitTogether | Open Source Dev Containers with DevPod | Hrittik Roy

Many developers are excited about Dev Containers, but until now, people needed to use a managed service like Codespaces or Gitpod to experience that Dev Container magic. DevPod is a new open-source tool that allows users to launch Dev Containers with any infrastructure they have available. DevPod introduces a way to define a development environment that can then be run on any cloud infrastructure or even on a localhost machine using Docker or Kubernetes locally or on the cloud. This talk is all about how you can use DevPod locally or on cloud to run your developer workloads easily.

Open Source Fractional GPUs for Everyone, Now Available from ClearML

If you’ve been following our news, you know we just announced free fractional GPU capabilities for open source users, enabling multi-tenancy for NVIDIA GPUs and allowing users to optimize their GPU utilization to support multiple AI workloads as part of our open source and free tier offering.

Transparency and Trust Through Kong Gateway Performance Benchmarks and Open Source Test Suites

In the rapidly evolving landscape of API management, understanding the raw performance and reliability of your API gateway is not just an expectation — it's a necessity. At Kong, we're dedicated to ensuring our users have access to concrete, actionable data to guide their operational and development strategies.

Announcing Kong's New Open Source AI Gateway with Multi-LLM Support, No-Code AI Plugins, Advanced Prompt Engineering, and More

Today I’m excited to announce that Kong has released six new open source AI plugins in Kong Gateway 3.6 that turn every Kong Gateway deployment into an AI Gateway. These new plugins are available today and are entirely free and open source for everyone. The six new plugins are AI Proxy, AI Request/Response Transformer, AI Prompt Guard, AI Prompt Template, and AI Prompt Decorator.