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Service Mesh

[Tech Talk] Advanced Service Mesh - Build and Manage Multi-Cloud Applications Using Kuma

A service mesh helps to make service communication more secure, reliable and traceable in distributed system architectures. In connection with the topic of service mesh, we often think of terms such as microservices, containers or Kubernetes; i.e. terms from the orbit of modern design methods, architectural approaches or technologies. Of course, everything is usually cloud-based.

Kong Mesh and Kuma 2.0 Released with eBPF Support, Next-Gen Policies, UI Improvements

Today we’re excited to announce the release of Kong Mesh and Kuma 2.0. With this new major release, we’re announcing the first availability of our next-generation policies, in addition to new eBPF capabilities. 2.0 is also significant as we have unified the version scheme between Kong Mesh and Kuma. Previously, Kuma versions had an n-1 version naming convention when compared with Kong Mesh.


What is a service mesh?

A service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer that manages traffic, also known as communication, between services in applications composed of containerized microservices. It is a critical component in a microservices architecture, responsible for the secure, fast, and reliable communication between services. This article answers a lot of the questions you may have about service meshes: What are they and how do they work? Who is using them and why?

Tech Talk - Service Mesh and GitOps Beyond Kubernetes

The #container adoption journey may be simple for experienced practitioners in greenfield development -but many established enterprises still face the daunting beginning of this journey, carrying the weight of complex monolithic applications on traditional compute. Join Kat and Christian as they extend #servicemesh and #GitOps beyond the boundaries of #Kubernetes. In this talk, you’ll learn.

Distributed tracing with Envoy, Kuma, Grafana Agent, and Jaeger

As a cloud service provider, observability is a critical subject as it's strongly related to the availability of the services running on the platform. We need to understand everything that is happening on our platform to troubleshoot errors as fast as possible and improve performance issues. A year ago, while the platform was still in private beta, we faced a tough reliability issue: users were facing random 500 errors when accessing their applications.

Kong Builders- Sep 7 | Kong Hackathon Edition - Mesh & API Automation Hacks

All of September, we will be featuring the Kong Summit Hackathon with a live stream every Wednesday to help you get started with contributing to Kong! In this episode, Kat Morgan will be showing you how to contribute to Kong with #konggateway and #servicemesh and #gitops hack examples.

Kong Mesh 1.9 and Kuma 1.8 Released with Gateway GA, new CNI and More!

We are happy to announce the release of Kong Mesh 1.9 and Kuma 1.8! This release is packed with features and improvements such as observability for builtin Gateway, a complete rewrite of the CNI and projected service account tokens support. In order to take advantage of the latest and greatest in service mesh, we strongly suggest upgrading to Kong Mesh 1.9.

The Power of Event-Driven Architecture | Chris Parlette | TriggerMesh | Kongcast Episode 19

In this episode of Kongcast, Kaitlyn talks with Chris Parlette, Senior Solutions Architect at TriggerMesh about the evolution of microservices and event-driven architecture, who can benefit most from organizational future-proofing and modernization, and TriggerMesh as an event-driven integration platform.