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Kong announces Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA), AWS Graviton Processor, and Bottlerocket OS Readiness

Kong connects APIs and microservices natively within clouds, data centers, and Kubernetes platforms using intelligent automation. Built on an open source core, Kong’s solutions enable digital innovation by allowing organizations to reliably and securely manage the full lifecycle of APIs for legacy as well as modern architectures, including container runtimes and serverless technologies.


Transform Your DevOps and User Experiences with Latest Appian Release

The above definition of user experience (UX) explains why Appian continues to be a leader and innovator in process automation. We know that it’s not just providing developers with the technology they need that’s important, but it’s also how visually appealing and easy to use those tools are. And just as important is delivering the flexibility that allows you to create apps and interfaces that delight end users.


Kong Mesh and Kuma 2.0 Released with eBPF Support, Next-Gen Policies, UI Improvements

Today we’re excited to announce the release of Kong Mesh and Kuma 2.0. With this new major release, we’re announcing the first availability of our next-generation policies, in addition to new eBPF capabilities. 2.0 is also significant as we have unified the version scheme between Kong Mesh and Kuma. Previously, Kuma versions had an n-1 version naming convention when compared with Kong Mesh.


Kong Konnect Updates: Increased Security and Streamlined API Management

We’re excited to announce new features in Kong Konnect, including the ability to take advantage of identity management APIs, streamlined certificate management, and latency metrics as part of Analytics. Read on to learn about these features and how kong helps future-proof API security.


Manage Manual and Automated Testing in a Single Tool

Test automation is becoming a critical part of the development lifecycle across all types of products and industries. As automation exponentially increases test complexity, testing teams need a unified, structured solution for automated test management to ensure the highest quality product. To meet this need, the latest Helix ALM Release 2022.2 delivers enhanced automated test management capabilities.


Live Debugging Gets Easier: Announcing New Rookout Plugins for JetBrains IDEs

Every developer has experienced the pain of debugging. We know that you know what we’re talking about. Who hasn’t been lost jumping between different windows troubleshooting their code, log-jammed trying to track bugs in a pile of logs, or been caught screaming at a rubber duck that’s blankly staring back at them? But it shouldn’t be that way.


Sisu announces dbt Metrics Ready integration

Today during Coalesce, the annual conference hosted by dbt Labs, Sisu Data is excited to announce a deeper integration with dbt that makes it easier than ever to analyze governed dbt metrics and data using ML-powered analyses in the Sisu Decision Intelligence Engine. dbt metrics, part of the new dbt Semantic Layer, are a great way to ensure consistency in key business definitions across your organization.


Introducing Tricentis Test Automation for Salesforce, Test Management for Jira, and NeoLoad 9 with RealBrowser support

Today is an exciting today for us here at Tricentis! We’re introducing two brand new products: Test Automation for Salesforce and Test Management for Jira. We’re also releasing a major upgrade of NeoLoad for performance testing. Together, these new releases will enable customers to deliver new capabilities and workflows to their business faster, collaborate more efficiently among product teams, and enhance digital experiences for all end users.