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Why PIM software is essential for a B2B eCommerce?

When we talk about e-commerce, we are focusing on providing valuable information through the content, services, and experiences. While B2C has better performance when using a PIM system, B2B needs it most as it gives the business the option to specify the precise workflow and all crucial product information for an effective B2B marketing plan.

Katalon with AWS CodePipeline integration - an End-to-end test automation solution

With AWS, Katalon creates a seamless testing experience for teams of any size and accelerates the agile software development process. Both Katalon and AWS CodePipeline play a critical role in continuous delivery, where AWS CodePipeline automates the building and deployment of applications, and Katalon ensures the quality of the applications by automating tests. In order to help customers deliver faster & release on time, Katalon has built an integration where automation scripts can be stored in AWS CodeCommit, and an AWS CopePipeline project can execute them using the integration.

What Is an API Integration?

Whether you’re working in the marketing department or the operations department, you’ve probably heard a lot about APIs and API integrations. These have become the “buzz” terms of IT departments in recent years as more enterprises embrace the trend toward digital transformation. That being said, if you’re not a developer or don’t work in the IT department, you might not have a clear picture of what APIs or API integrations are.


How Used Data Integration to Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience is one of the most critical concerns for any organization—but also one of the most challenging for companies to perform concrete improvements. When they better understand the customer experience, businesses can define a clear, actionable roadmap to optimize the customer journey. In turn, this will pay dividends in terms of greater employee productivity, lower costs, and higher profits.