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Black Friday: Retail Holiday or Developers' Nightmare?

For developers and QA engineers, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a game of watching how much weight the ice can take before it cracks. Learn how uptime goes beyond performance testing, and what you can do to prepare for the worst. In the United States, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. For many of us, this serves as a chance to see family, play some football, and stuff ourselves with an unholy amount of food.

How Embedded Systems Impact Everyday Life

Embedded systems are at the core of various products, machinery, and intelligent operations like machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Since embedded devices are used in almost every industry today, embedded systems play a crucial role in the functioning of devices and machines we use daily, from vehicles to home appliances and medical devices. To further understand this, here's how embedded systems impact everyday life.

The Rise of APIs in Retail - Better Data, Better Business

Retail is a challenging industry. It is constantly evolving to reflect consumer preferences in product selection – but that is only part of it. As more people turn to online shopping, many retailers are using application programming interfaces (APIs) to remain competitive. Consumers have certain expectations of technology, so implementing digital transformation and APIs in retail has become less of an option and more of a requirement to attract and retain the modern customer.


The 4 benefits of retail analytics

Retail analytics is transforming the bricks and mortar and e-commerce landscapes. From Amazon drones delivering your favorite cupcake the moment your sweet tooth starts to tingle to your local shop stocking the new GoPro just before you set up on a new adventure. In this article, we will explore the guiding principles of how data can be used to improve your retail business. But we will also make it actionable.


How is big data analytics changing the retail market?

The retail industry is being reshaped by big data analytics. From supply chain management optimization so your favorite product is always in stock to deliveries that happen in under 1h that fulfill the immediate customer needs, retail businesses are using predictive analytics to drive growth. In this article, we will look at what big data analytics is and what are the three main drivers it uses to reshape the retail sector. Let us start with some clarity surrounding the terms.


Why is Ecommerce Integration Important for Stores?

If you own an online store, you may be wondering: Why is ecommerce integration important? The term "integration" is likely something you've heard tossed around quite a lot. However, if you have yet to pursue it, you may be stuck trying to figure out how integration can help your business grow. Or, you may be struggling with the next best step to help you realize its benefits.

Elevate Gives Retailers a Powerful New Tool for Managing Supply Chains

In today’s world, retail customers expect things fast. They want their products on time and they want their orders not to be canceled. And when things go wrong, they want answers. To deliver that experience, retailers need to be able to understand at a granular level how their customers’ orders are moving through their supply chains. In this episode of “Powered by Snowflake,” Daniel Myers chats with Elevate Co-founder and CTO James Sutton about his company’s recently introduced retail operations platform that provides the analytics retailers need to evaluate and manage supply chain performance.