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Best 10 Free Financial Datasets for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry can benefit from AI, data and machine learning to advance manufacturing quality and productivity, minimize waste and reduce costs. With ML, manufacturers can modernize their businesses through use cases like forecasting demand, optimizing scheduling, preventing malfunctioning and managing quality. These all significantly contribute to bottom line improvement.


What's new in November? The latest customer tips, tricks, and news from Sisu

Hi everyone, After the exciting news last month of Sisu’s expanded strategic partnership with Google Cloud, our team is hard at work on creating this seamless integration between Google Cloud’s business intelligence platforms and the Sisu Decision Intelligence Engine. This comes alongside our continuous work to improve the core of the platform, including making it easier to share insights with your data consumers.

Qlik and Confluent Together Deliver Real-Time Data Streaming To Kafka

Qlik Data Integration enable you to automatically produce real-time transaction streams into Kafka. Take advantage of modern analytics and microservices, enabling streaming analytics as well as streaming ingestion into data lakes and data warehouse platforms. And unlock the potential of data from legacy systems with microservices environment integrations.

How to Benefit from A/B Testing on Mobile

A/B testing is the most effective way to observe users’ behavior with two or more different versions of the same screen or in-app experience. It can help you test variations of an item, generally UI based, to determine which one performs better. Directing some users to version A and others to version B allows you to observe user behavior for each.

How to leverage automation with integrated system data

The automation of common business practices is widely considered to represent the future for many industries, with 66% of modern organizations reportedly in the process of automating one or more core business functions, indicating an adoption rate growth of 9% between 2018 and 2020 alone. By automating the more time-consuming and repetitive aspects of a business' daily operations, companies are able to better allocate time to the most complicated facets of their roles, and with the added benefit of intelligent data analysis, well implemented automation can vastly improve efficiency.

Why the Data Warehouse is Not Dead and Stronger Than Ever

This is a guest post for written by Bill Inmon, an American computer scientist recognized as the "father of the data warehouse." Inmon wrote the first book and first magazine column about data warehousing, held the first conference about this topic, and was the first person to teach data warehousing classes. Five things you need to know about this topic: The data warehouse is the whack-a-mole of technology.