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End-to-End API Monetization with Java Spring, Stripe, and Moesif

Many API developers and companies struggle to find ways to easily set up systems to monetize their APIs. Some are simple but not customizable, some are complex and require massive engineering effort to actually get it all running. To make things easier, Moesif created a feature a few months ago called Billing Meters which gives massive customizability but with a minimal amount of code and engineering effort.


Essential Java Skills for Every Developer's Career

First introduced to the world back in 1996, Java today is still very much in demand. Over 35% of programmers worldwide worked in this language in 2021. Moreover, it is firmly among the three most popular programming languages in the TIOBE index. What does it mean for you as a beginner Java developer? It means you’ll have to gain a competitive advantage to advance in your career successfully. Let’s take a look at the essential tech and soft skills you need to perfect.


How to Fix The Format Flags Conversion Mismatch Exception in Java

A FormatFlagsConversionMismatchException is an unchecked runtime exception which is thrown when a conversion and a flag are incompatible in the source code. This is a very common exception encountered when the programmer tries to format the string. Unless otherwise specified, passing a null argument to any method or constructor in this class will cause a NullPointerException to be thrown.


Beginner's Guide To Test Automation With Java (TestUI)

There are many programming languages that can be used for test automation. Loadero supports 3: Java (TestUI framework), Python (Py-TestUI framework), and JavaScript (Nightwatch.js framework). Test automation with Java is quite popular, in fact, the second most popular framework of choice when it comes to writing test scripts in Loadero is TestUI.


How to Fix the EOFException in

The is a checked exception in Java that occurs when an end of file or end of stream is reached unexpectedly during input. This exception is mainly used by data input streams to signal end of stream. Since EOFException is a checked exception, it must be explicitly handled in methods that can throw this exception - either by using a try-catch block or by throwing it using the throws clause.


11 Java Debugging Tips for Developers with Eclipse

Debugging your code is one of every developer's worst nightmares. Debugging Java code is a difficult task. It is the process of detecting and fixing bugs or errors in code, projects, or applications. For any Java developer, debugging is a must-have ability. The ability to debug a Java program allows you to uncover any subtle bugs that aren't obvious during code review or appear when a specific situation occurs. This article offers some tips for debugging Java code.


How to Fix the FileNotFoundException in

The is a checked exception in Java that occurs when an attempt to open a file denoted by a specified pathname fails. This exception is thrown by the FileInputStream, FileOutputStream, and RandomAccessFile constructors when a file with the specified pathname either does not exist or is inaccessible.