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What Is Virtual Production?

Virtual production took off during the pandemic. It is expanding possibilities for teams in media & entertainment and saving them time and money in post-production/ for that reason, it is here it stay. More and more studios are starting to adopt new tools to create immersive, groundbreaking experiences in real-time. Read on to learn.


Sisu for Slack: Decision Intelligence meets collaboration

Have you ever logged in to work on a Monday morning and wondered what happened to your KPI, let’s say revenue, last week? Of course, you have! And maybe, if you’re lucky, your inbox already has a chart or table that tells you it went up 5.2%. However, that report likely doesn’t explain why your KPI changed. From there, you’re still left to figure out where that 5.2% came from.

super monitoring

Organize Your Notes Perfectly with Evernote

In this fast-changing world, managing your data could be difficult, as the world is changing and we have also moved from manual hassle to digital electronics. As you have experienced at some point in your life that remembering all the little things, either related to your study or work, is much more difficult. Being a Creative Professional demands you to note down your brainstorming ideas. What do you think if all of your ideas and imagination reside in one place?


Introducing Tricentis Test Management for Jira

We are excited to announce the release of Tricentis Test Management (TTM) for Jira in the Atlassian Marketplace, designed specifically for organizations who want to place test management directly within Jira. With TTM for Jira, QA, development, and the business can collaborate closely to deliver quality software together.

How to migrate tests from Excel to Xray | Xray Tutorial

Are you a part of the 40% still trying to manage their tests with Excel? There’s a better way. A native test management solution like Xray keeps your tests organized, so you can easily release quality software. If you’re ready to make the jump to Xray, you can import hundreds of tests from CSV files to Xray.

Embracing remote-first: how we communicate and collaborate at Ably

Like many other companies, Ably began working remotely because of the Covid pandemic. In time, we discovered that a remote-first approach is well suited and a key driver to our success. Remote-first makes the most sense to us, considering our mission and the goals we want to achieve. It has many perks, such as being able to hire diverse talent from all over the globe, as well as reaching more customers with our technology and product offering.


Adobe is buying Figma because building collaborative experiences is hard

Yesterday, Thursday 15th September, Adobe agreed to buy the collaborative design tool Figma for $20bn. Figma is a browser-based tool that enables team members to work together simultaneously to create, modify and comment upon designs in realtime. It’s part of a new breed of online tools that enable the creative process to be live and collaborative. Figma was rumored to be in the running for acquisition by Microsoft, and Adobe has paid top price to snap it up.