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Business Process Modeling Tools: 5 Questions to Ask

If your business has a lot of complex workflows, you’re likely relying on a number of tools and manual processes to get things done. And if you’re seeing that processes are slow, inefficient, or require a lot of manual work, business process modeling tools can help. Business process modeling tools are specifically designed to help you model and optimize your business processes.


What is Business Process Orchestration? 4 Essentials

Processes are the foundation of your organization. They lay the groundwork for how your business operates, from product development and customer service to procurement and financial operations—and everything in between. Even work that isn’t formally defined in a process is likely a part of one. If you’ve ever tried to map or document a business process, you’ve probably learned that there’s no straightforward way to get it done.


6 Leading No Code Tools Available Today

No code tools and development platforms are becoming increasingly popular. With the no code development platform market expected to rise to $21.2 billion by 2022, these platforms are here to stay. Whether you’re a developer wanting to streamline development and reduce build times, or you’re a manager looking for a faster, easier way for development, a no code software solution could be just what you need.