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Building a realtime chat application using WebSockets with Angular and Firebase

The joke used to be that no piece of software was complete until it could send and receive email. Fast forward to today, replace email with realtime chat, and actually you might not be too far from the truth. Whether you’re delivering customer service, connecting community members, or helping colleagues communicate, realtime chat is quickly becoming a standard part of the web developer’s toolkit.

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Top 6 Easy to Use Chat Tools for Small Business

Ensuring constant availability to your customers in the competitive digital world is crucial for long-term business growth. But availability is just one of the reasons why small business owners should invest in the right chat tool, helpdesk software, and virtual call systems, or a comprehensive solution with multiple built-in functionalities.


Building a realtime chat app with React, Laravel, and WebSockets

You use realtime communication every day. It is the simultaneous exchange of information between a sender and a receiver with almost zero latency. Internet, landlines, mobile/cell phones, instant messaging (IM), internet relay chat, videoconferencing, teleconferencing, and robotic telepresence are all examples of realtime communication systems.


Introducing the Fully Featured Scalable Chat App, by Ably's DevRel Team

Here at Ably, we’ve helped many people to solve some truly interesting, and at times wacky data distribution problems. Be it helping to organise transport for the healthcare sector, or acting as one of the key communication layers on a VR platform; in more and more aspects of our lives, we’re expecting online experiences to happen in realtime. Unsurprisingly though, one key use-case reemerges every time: chat.