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DevSecOps: Injecting security testing into iOS CI/CD pipelines

How can you develop more secure iOS apps? In this presentation, Bitrise Developer Advocate Moataz Nabil shares the best practices for injecting security into the CI/CD pipeline. Build better mobile applications, faster! Automate and accelerate with Bitrise's Mobile DevOps Platform, featuring industry-leading mobile CI/CD.

How to release Finance apps quickly and confidently with DevSecOps

Learn how to release better and more secure finance apps rapidly, by applying security measures and moving to shift-left testing in the DevOps cycles. Thank you for watching! Please feel free to comment your thoughts below. Build better mobile applications, faster! Save time, money, and developer frustration with fast, flexible, and scalable mobile CI/CD that just works.

Top DevSecOps Tools For 2022

DevSecOps combines the responsibilities of development, security and operations in order to make everyone accountable for security in line with the ongoing activities conducted by development and operations teams. DevSecOps tools serve to assist the user in minimising risk as part of the development process and also support security teams by allowing them to observe the security implications of code in production.


GitLab 2021 DevSecOps Survey Key Findings

For the last several years, GitLab has run a major survey about the trends facing the DevSecOps community. This year over 4,000 people responded to the survey, 40% who identified as a Software Developer / Software Engineer. Also about half the survey participants are based in Asia, a major region for Software Developers. One of the biggest trends you will find throughout the survey is how much developers value speed and efficiency.


DevSecOps Checklist for Reliable, Automated Software Security

The purpose of a DevSecOps checklist is not to list every single action and practice you should take to ensure that DevSecOps pipeline is effective. Rather, the purpose is to help you establish the right sort of DevSecOps mindset. DevSecOps is more than a collection of best practices, it’s a shared mindset that security is the responsibility of everyone on your team.