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April 2024

How to Handle java.lang.IndexOutOf BoundsException

The java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException in Java is thrown when an index used in arrays, lists, or strings is not valid. A valid index must be a number from 0 up to one less than the total number of items. For example, in a list of 3 items, the valid indices are 0, 1, and 2. Here’s a quick example: The error message you’d get would look something like this: Here are some other common ways the IndexOutOfBoundsException might be thrown.

Cloud Game Development Solutions for Your Team

Game development has only grown more complicated as studios adjust to working with increasingly larger projects, globally distributed teams, and limited resources. It’s no surprise that teams are exploring alternative solutions, like cloud game development, to build their next break out game. The appeals of building a game in the cloud include its abilities to minimize developer and artist challenges and optimize your development pipeline.

Managing Application Auth for Different Audiences

Let’s pose a hypothetical scenario. You're the API product owner at the Paris, Texas Regional Airport. You're in charge of two main APIs: Flights API and Scheduling API. Flights API is primarily used by local research institutions that are interested in read-only access to information about departures and arrivals. Scheduling API is primarily used by airline partners who are interested in updating information about their flights and gates.

Evolution of Testing Function & Industry Trends | Naman Kapoor | #QonfX 2024 #softwaretesting

In this session, Naman Kapoor talks about the evolving landscape of testing functions, including manual testing, automation, and roles like SDET. Gain a front-row view of industry trends, top countries, and leading companies shaping the future of testing. Naman explores the current perception of testing roles and delves into what tasks can be automated by AI and the unique strengths of human testers.

Data Integrity vs. Data Quality: Here's How They Are Different

Data integrity refers to protecting data from anything that can harm or corrupt it, whereas data quality checks if the data is helpful for its intended purpose. Data quality is a subset of data integrity. One can have accurate, consistent, and error-free data, but it is only helpful once we have the supporting information for this data. Data integrity and quality are sometimes used interchangeably in data management, but they have different implications and distinct roles in enhancing data usability.

What is Data Preprocessing? Definition, Importance, and Steps

Did you know data scientists spend around 60% of their time preprocessing data? Data preprocessing plays a critical role in enhancing the reliability and accuracy of analytics. This blog will discuss why data preprocessing is essential for making data suitable for comprehensive analysis.

Using Python for GET API Calls: A Step-by-Step Guide for Developers

Understanding how to make a GET request to an API using Python is an essential skill for developers. This article will guide you through the process, demonstrating how to use Python’s ‘requests’ library to fetch data, handle the full JSON object in response, and manage API errors efficiently. Step into the practical world of Python GET API calls without any detours.

Master Documenting Your APIs: Tips for Effective API Documentation

API (application programming interface) document works as a developer’s compass for navigating complex services. In this guide, we provide straightforward insights into crafting excellent API documentation. At the end of this article, you will know how to succeed as both creators and consumers of APIs through effective documentation.

Sauce Visual Demo

Front-end software developers often own small pieces of the User Interface, and are frequently challenged by changes introduced elsewhere in the project. A slight change somewhere on one web page can cause a shift or misalignment elsewhere. With so many teams working together, it’s important to get fast feedback about changes to the layout or appearance of an app. Here's how Sauce Labs can do just that.

GitOps Integration with WSO2 APK: Kubernetes Native API Management

Explore the seamless integration of GitOps with WSO2 API Platform for Kubernetes (APK) in this enlightening screencast session. The need for a robust API management solution that fits naturally into the Kubernetes ecosystem has never been more critical. WSO2 APK emerges as a solution designed to harmonize with Kubernetes-native practices, offering native GitOps integration to API lifecycle management. This session delves into how WSO2 APK not only simplifies the deployment and management of APIs within Kubernetes clusters but also enhances operational efficiency and consistency through GitOps methodologies.