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May 2024

Introducing Appian Case Management Studio: A Faster Way to Build Flexible Apps for Casework

Join us for an overview session covering Appian Case Management Studio, a modular approach for building fast, flexible enterprise applications that help you manage casework. We’ll cover the basics of case management, explore common use cases, and show how Appian simplifies case workflows.

Fast-Track to Data Insights: Deliver Impactful Salesforce Sales Metrics to the Databricks Gold Layer

Join Kelly Kohlleffel from Fivetran in this demonstration that moves and transforms raw Salesforce data into impactful sales metrics in the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. Learn how to set up a Salesforce to Databricks connector with Fivetran’s fully automated and fully managed data movement platform. Then watch how the new dataset in Databricks is automatically transformed from the Databricks bronze layer to the gold layer—making it analytics-ready and data product-ready in minutes.

Streamlined Data Movement: Fivetran's SAP ERP Integration with Databricks Explained

Join Kelly Kohlleffel from Fivetran as he demonstrates the seamless integration of SAP ERP data into the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform using Fivetran’s powerful data movement automation capabilities. Learn how the Fivetran SAP ERP for HANA connector effortlessly syncs your data to Databricks, making it ready for all data workloads. Discover how Fivetran utilizes Databricks’ features like Serverless and Unity Catalog to help you quickly build new data products and solutions with SAP ERP data efficiently in Databricks.

Quality Engineering for CEOs: A Series Introduction

For flawless digital experiences, quality engineering (QE) is more than just a technical requirement—it’s the driving force behind innovation and success. Steve Semelsberger, Testlio’s CEO, will share his valuable insights in an engaging LinkedIn series designed to help fellow CEOs unlock the strategic benefits of QE. In this series, Steve will address your toughest questions and demystify the complexities of building a robust QE framework.

Introducing Confluent Cloud OpenSearch Sink Connector

Amazon OpenSearch is a popular fully managed analytics engine that makes it easier for customers to do interactive log analytics, real-time application monitoring, and semantic and keyword searches. It can also be used as a vector engine that helps organizations build and augment GenAI applications without managing infrastructure (we’ll talk about this in future blogs). Additionally, the service provides a reliable, scalable infrastructure designed to handle massive data volumes.

The Rise of AI in FP&A: How insightsoftware Empowers Your Team

Despite the transformative potential of AI, many financial planning and analysis (FP&A) teams are hesitating, waiting for this emerging technology to mature before investing. According to a recent Gartner report, a staggering 61% of finance organizations haven’t yet adopted AI. Finance has always been considered risk averse, so it is perhaps unsurprising to see that AI adoption in finance significantly lags other departments.

LLM Validation and Evaluation

LLM evaluation is the process of assessing the performance and capabilities of LLMs. This helps determine how well the model understands and generates language, ensuring that it meets the specific needs of applications. There are multiple ways to perform LLM evaluation, each with different advantages. In this blog post, we explain the role of LLM evaluation in AI lifecycles and the different types of LLM evaluation methods. In the end, we show a demo of a chatbot that was developed with crowdsourcing.

Using Dependency Injection in Elixir

While controversial in functional programming, dependency injection can be a useful pattern in Elixir for managing dependencies and improving testability. In this, the first part of a two-part series, we will cover the basic concepts, core principles, and types of dependency injection. We'll explore its benefits in terms of modularity, testability, and maintainability. Then, we will look into a specific scenario where dependency injection can be beneficial, in this case, testing.

Discover Financial Services Automates Data Ingestion for Real-Time Decision-Making at Scale

Making operational decisions in a tight timeframe is critical to the success of an organization. Real-time data ingestion enables quicker data availability, in turn enabling timely decision-making. Real-time ingestion is foundational to our digital transformation at Discover Financial Services. As a senior manager leading the streaming and real-time data platforms at Discover, I don’t want to be in the data replication business manually.