Q&A: Events, Eventing, and Event-Driven Architectures | The Duchess & The Doctor Show

Q&A: Events, Eventing, and Event-Driven Architectures | The Duchess & The Doctor Show

May 14, 2024

For their inaugural episode, Anna McDonald (the Duchess), Matthias J. Sax (the Doctor), and their extinct friend, Phil, wax rhapsodic about all things eventing: you’ll learn why events are a mindset, why the Duchess thinks you’ll find event immutability relaxing, and why your event streams might need some windows.

To learn more about fundamentals across the Apache Kafka and Flink ecosystems, you can have a look at the courses here: https://cnfl.io/44IYQ1J

The Duchess & The Doctor Show features a question-driven format that delivers substantial, yet easily comprehensible answers to user-submitted questions on all things events and eventing, including Apache Kafka, its ecosystem, and beyond!

► View another introduction to events and event streaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch
► Learn how to reason about designing your events and event streams: https://cnfl.io/4bxkXui
► Read more about windowing in a Kafka context: https://cnfl.io/4ahfJBT


0:00 - Introduction

0:28 - What is Eventing?

2:37 - Organize Events Around Things That Matter to You

3:36 - Comfort of Event Immutability

4:09 - Answering a Listener Question: “What actually happens if I wait for an event but it never arrives?”

7:55 - On Windowing

9:33 - Closing Windows Using Flink.withIdleness or PAPI

11:28 - Sliding Windows Considered

14:50 - Hopping vs. Sliding Windows

17:02 - Farewell

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