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Learn About Responsive Website Design and Responsive Design Testing

Learn the basics of responsive website design and testing to help your team ensure great UX across different devices and configurations. One of the main challenges that development and QA teams face today involves screen resolution. Depending on the device from which a user connects, screen resolutions could range from a mere 320 pixels wide (the screen width on the iPhone 5, which has the smallest resolution of modern devices) to 4K desktop displays with resolutions of 3840 by 2160 pixels or more.


Publish to App Store Connect with Codemagic's Apple Developer Portal integration

Last year, we introduced an easier way of distributing your app to users via the App Store. It simplified and automated publishing apps on App Store Connect with a few lines you could add to your codemagic.yaml file. This feature automated your iOS releases from start to finish and pushed the CI-verified builds straight to the App Store. We are excited to announce that we have simplified this process even further! Now, you can directly reference the API key and authenticate with App Store Connect!


How To Use iPhone Simulators On Windows

At ground level, simulation imitates a process or a system through a model. These models are usually software-based and represent the key characteristics of the chosen system you want to imitate. As a result, the simulation collectively represents how the system evolves with respect to various scenarios and times. From testing your apps for one operating system on another to creating a virtual reality environment for learning how to drive a car – simulations are used in numerous use cases.


Best Software Testing Tools QAs Are Using In 2022

When a project is sent to the testing team, the work starts for inspection of its quality before shipping it to the end user. As a responsible team, testers always want the number of bugs to be the bare minimum, with no complaints during the release. To bring this vision into reality, the testers have two paths they can take. The first path is aggressive.


Key Differences Between Black Box And White Box Testing

Accentuating both quality and security while developing applications is the need of the hour. It helps ensure your application is free from all possible flaws and security loopholes that might lead to significant revenue losses. Testers all across the globe rely on both black box and white box testing to identify and remove all the critical errors before releasing the final product. In this article, I’ll go into detail about Black Box vs.

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Innovative times for mobile: implications for app developers and testers

The past few months have seen various landmarks in mobile technology, notably from Apple and the Android community, and these announcements and launches represent far more than just new devices and operating systems. There are also some massive strides forward, including more focus on the user experience, which reflects the growing market demand for improvements in this area. Of course, mobile has always led the pack in terms of UX, but with more people engaging with the rest of the world via their smartphones, they increasingly expect a better experience.

A Comprehensive Guide to Automation Testing & its Types

Automation testing is a technique in which testers leverage automated software tools for executing test cases. These tests typically include operations that are repetitive in both their nature and outcome. Automating the test suite helps in saving time and effort required in performing repetitive and resource-heavy tasks that are difficult to perform manually. In this blog post, let’s explore the advantages, types, and frameworks of Automation testing.