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Web CI on Bitrise: Beta announcement

Mobile developers love using Bitrise, and we get it. But we also know your products and automation workflows extend beyond just mobile apps. That's why we're thrilled to announce Bitrise's expansion into web CI/CD! While in beta, this is your chance to help shape an industry-leading solution for your entire development process.

Implementing iOS Universal Links for Enhanced App-Web Navigation

Universal Links are an iOS feature allowing seamless integration between web content and native iOS apps. With iOS Universal Links we can intelligently configure a specific web URL, associating it with our iOS app so it will open directly when the URL is clicked.

Maintaining Mobile App Quality at Scale with Mobile App Testing

The success of your mobile app depends not just on how well the application is working at first, but also on its consistent delivery of excellent user experience. Customers today have an extensive range of alternatives in this rapidly evolving & competitive mobile market. Any problem with the application's performance and user experience can lead to users being discontent with the mobile app. This results in users abandoning the application.

Why should you put gear towards digital transformation in the Automotive Industry?

Just be honest, when you were 12 years old, did you ever imagine that your life would be this much digitalized by 2024? If you take your memories a decade back, wouldn’t it be difficult for you to think about how technology will be so infused into your lives in the coming years? Well, as you know every industry has been now digitalized directly or indirectly and the Automotive industry is no exception.

App distribution tools (and AppCenter alternatives) that will make your developer life easier

Discover alternative mobile app distribution platforms as Microsoft phases out AppCenter. This post provides insights into the essential features of a good distribution tool and guides you in selecting the best solution for your app release needs.

Digital Transformation in Aviation Industry: What's your take?

Airports are now heavily inclined towards integrating self-baggage drop facilities to ensure a hassle-free experience and eliminate long-standing queues. Plus, some airports are also introducing smart baggage trolleys to help passengers locate wherever they want to go at just their fingertips. Well, these are just a few of the innovations in the Aviation industry because the list is never-ending. Nevertheless, did you know that the airports using this new technology have seen some amazing results?

Write Better Code Using Swift Enums: A Detailed Guide

In Swift, an enum (short for enumeration) is a powerful feature that allows us to define a data type with a fixed set of related values so we can work with those values in a type-safe way within our code. In this article we’ll be taking a closer look at Swift enums and their applications in Swift, as well as providing some real-world examples of how we could deploy them in our builds.