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SmartBear Introduces HaloAI, Transforming Software Development and Test Productivity with AI Technology

SmartBear HaloAI is already delivering results in beta: shatters test times by 98% in the first 2 weeks with Zephyr Scale; automates half of QA tests, saving 20 hours per regression cycle.

Best LLM Inference Engines and Servers to Deploy LLMs in Production

AI applications that produce human-like text, such as chatbots, virtual assistants, language translation, text generation, and more, are built on top of Large Language Models (LLMs). If you are deploying LLMs in production-grade applications, you might have faced some of the performance challenges with running these models. You might have also considered optimizing your deployment with an LLM inference engine or server.

Web CI on Bitrise: Beta announcement

Mobile developers love using Bitrise, and we get it. But we also know your products and automation workflows extend beyond just mobile apps. That's why we're thrilled to announce Bitrise's expansion into web CI/CD! While in beta, this is your chance to help shape an industry-leading solution for your entire development process.

Snowflake Arctic Cookbook Series: Instruction-Tuning Arctic

On April 24, we released Snowflake Arctic with a key goal in mind: to be truly open. In line with that goal, the Snowflake AI Research team is writing a series of cookbooks to describe how to pretrain, fine-tune, evaluate, and serve large-scale mixture-of-experts (MoEs) such as Arctic.

Contributing to Apache Kafka: How to Write a KIP

I’m brand new to writing KIPs (Kafka Improvement Proposals). I’ve written two so far, and my hands sweat every time I hit send on an email with ‘ KIP’ in the title. But I’ve also learned a lot from the process: about Apache Kafka internals, the process of writing KIPs, the Kafka community, and the most important motivation for developing software: our end users. What did I actually write? Let’s review KIP-941 and KIP-1020.

5 Ways Advertising, Media and Entertainment Companies are Using Gen AI

The emergence of generative AI (gen AI) heralds a new, groundbreaking era for advertising, media and entertainment. According to a recent Snowflake report, Advertising, Media and Entertainment Data + AI Predictions 2024, gen AI is going to transform the industry — from content creation to customer experience. The companies that will come out ahead during this time are those that most successfully and quickly supercharge their data strategy.

Implementing iOS Universal Links for Enhanced App-Web Navigation

Universal Links are an iOS feature allowing seamless integration between web content and native iOS apps. With iOS Universal Links we can intelligently configure a specific web URL, associating it with our iOS app so it will open directly when the URL is clicked.