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Introduction to async/await in TypeScript

Imagine if your application were allowed to perform only one task at a time. For example, if users download their favourite music or scroll through the feed, delivering seamless navigation would have needed interdimensional sorcery! However, thanks to asynchronous programming, such cases are easily avoidable during development. So, be it a mobile app or web application, the usability of asynchronous programming is inevitable.


Debugging in Elixir and Erlang: An Introduction

Welcome to part one of this two-part series on debugging in Elixir and Erlang. In this post, we'll use several different tools and techniques to debug Elixir code. First, we'll get to know the demo project I created to showcase certain tools: dist_messenger. It's an Elixir project of a distributed messaging system that can be used directly on IEx. It allows users in different nodes to send and receive messages to each other.


How to Drive Digital Transformation at Global Scale: Sibos 2022 Recap

What an action-packed week at Sibos, the world’s premier financial services event held last month in Amsterdam. It was exciting to be back with other industry leaders to talk about the future of banking and how intelligent automation is critical for success. Appian is modernizing processes for some of the largest banks, including many in attendance. In fact, we were excited to kick off Sibos on stage together with our client Rabobank, the second largest bank in the Netherlands.

How to leverage automation with integrated system data

The automation of common business practices is widely considered to represent the future for many industries, with 66% of modern organizations reportedly in the process of automating one or more core business functions, indicating an adoption rate growth of 9% between 2018 and 2020 alone. By automating the more time-consuming and repetitive aspects of a business' daily operations, companies are able to better allocate time to the most complicated facets of their roles, and with the added benefit of intelligent data analysis, well implemented automation can vastly improve efficiency.

How Cloud-Based Security Is Becoming The Future Of Cyber And Physical Security

A survey by HID Global in 2019 revealed that around 54% of businesses intended to switch to cloud-based access control by 2022. Why is cloud-based technology becoming increasingly popular? And which are the best cloud-based tools and technologies for cyber and physical security? Keep reading as we discuss the key benefits of cloud-based security that improve how businesses approach cyber and physical security.

System Notifications with Noticed and CableReady in Rails

Notifications are a typical cross-cutting concern shared by many web applications. The Noticed gem makes developing notifications fantastically easy by providing a database-backed model and pluggable delivery methods for your Ruby on Rails application. It comes with built-in support for mailers, websockets, and a couple of other delivery methods. We'll also examine the merits of using the CableReady gem for triggering system notifications in your Ruby on Rails application. Let's get into it!