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MerLoc - Local Debugging for Serverless Applications: Why and How

Offering quick deployment, scalability, and a broad range of supported tools, serverless applications are becoming increasingly popular. Flexible pay-as-you-go payment plans offered by most cloud services help minimize costs, adding a financial incentive as the cherry on top of the developer’s cake. But as we know, software engineering is a game of trade-offs, and serverless architectures come with their own challenges.


Using Loadero Python Client To Store Test Data In GitHub

Loadero API allows managing and running tests just as one would via the Loadero web application. However, sending an HTTP request every time a test needs to be created, updated, or run can become cumbersome. We already had a Java client, which makes the processes easier, and now Loadero team has been hard at work creating a new client and we are proud to present – Loadero-Python.

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Learn About Responsive Website Design and Responsive Design Testing

Learn the basics of responsive website design and testing to help your team ensure great UX across different devices and configurations. One of the main challenges that development and QA teams face today involves screen resolution. Depending on the device from which a user connects, screen resolutions could range from a mere 320 pixels wide (the screen width on the iPhone 5, which has the smallest resolution of modern devices) to 4K desktop displays with resolutions of 3840 by 2160 pixels or more.


The Role of Kubernetes in Production Traffic Replication

Organizations are starting to realize that simply writing tests to generate traffic is simply not good enough. Rather, production traffic replication is now necessary, where you record traffic from your production environment and then replay it in your development environment. To match the modern principles of this testing methodology, it makes sense to also utilize modern infrastructure, like Kubernetes.


Mobile Data Entry Using RFID Devices in Warehousing - SAP EWM Perspective

Whether deployed as part of an ERP software package or as a standalone system capable of integrating with external ERP systems, a warehouse management system has become an essential instrument to optimize the inventory management and order fulfillment processes of warehousing, which is a crucial function of supply chains today. Speed, precision, and efficiency in data processing are the key factors for a successful warehouse management system.


Uncover product risks with Exploratory Testing

“Did you know that there are 100+ different types of product risks that can affect your software?” Dan Ashby | Head of Quality Engineering at PhotoBox Exploratory testing must be a part of your testing strategy due to the testing effectiveness of your current tests, the ability to find differences in the code, and the ability to remove roadblocks where defects tend to hide.


End of life for TestProject - what next for the community?

When Tricentis acquired TestProject and continued to offer it as a “free” tool for its customers, it seemed like a good fit, given the cost-effective nature of TestProject. However, after years of being “free,” the recent news announcement on “TestProject End of Life (EOL) on March 31, 2023,” has not really come as a surprise to many.


Easily validate web applications using Playwright Testing

Playwright is one of the most used frameworks for end-to-end testing of web applications; it supports all modern browsers and has broad community support. If you are considering testing your web applications, this is a tool to consider. Whatever your test execution strategy may be, do not forget to consider visibility and the integration capabilities of the tools you wish to add to your tool belt.

Katalon with AWS CodePipeline integration - an End-to-end test automation solution

With AWS, Katalon creates a seamless testing experience for teams of any size and accelerates the agile software development process. Both Katalon and AWS CodePipeline play a critical role in continuous delivery, where AWS CodePipeline automates the building and deployment of applications, and Katalon ensures the quality of the applications by automating tests. In order to help customers deliver faster & release on time, Katalon has built an integration where automation scripts can be stored in AWS CodeCommit, and an AWS CopePipeline project can execute them using the integration.

Happy birthday, Testlio

On a gloomy Friday evening ten years ago, two young Estonian entrepreneurs with a dream sat in a dimly lit flat in London, trying to come up with a name for their future company that would improve the way software testing is done. The AngelHack hackathon was starting the next day and the couple was planning to to pitch their idea there. A bit before midnight, the goal of choosing the company name was reached - Testlio was officially registered and our founders Kristel and Marko Kruustük were ready to take on one of the biggest and rewarding journeys of their life - creating a globally distributed company that powers networked testing to enable human possibilities.