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SmartBear Introduces HaloAI, Transforming Software Development and Test Productivity with AI Technology

SmartBear HaloAI is already delivering results in beta: shatters test times by 98% in the first 2 weeks with Zephyr Scale; automates half of QA tests, saving 20 hours per regression cycle.

Maximizing Performance: The Role of Observability in Modern Systems

The capacity to comprehend a system’s or application’s internal state and behavior based on its external outputs or events is called observability. In other words, it’s the capacity to extrapolate a system’s current state from its observable output without directly accessing its internal workings. Observability is crucial in disciplines like software engineering, systems engineering, and control theory.

Chat with Devs | Episode - 4 | Isitio Ambient Mesh

Istio Ambient Mesh is a massive overhaul of Istio's data plane architecture. The goal is to simplify operations and make it more cost effective to run a service mesh like Istio in production. In this video we will look at: 1] What are the challenges of a traditional service mesh sidecar approach? 2] Take a look at how Istio Ambient Mesh Solves that problem.

Exploratory Testing: QA Without a Map

Exploratory testing is an essential tool in any comprehensive software testing strategy. If regular scripted testing follows clear directions on a map, exploratory testing ventures off the beaten path to uncover hidden defects. This guide will teach you what exploratory testing is, why it’s critical, how to conduct exploratory testing sessions, and techniques to maximize your results.

A Practical Guide to Calculating Test Automation ROI

According to BMC research, 90% of development managers believe that automating a large number of test cases may become the key to their success as the pressure on IT to accelerate innovation intensifies. However, automating testing processes involves an initial investment, and the benefits can vary between teams driven by multiple forces including the application architecture, number of platforms, and the automation technology choices.

Introduction to Automation Testing Services: What You Need to Know

Quality can feel elusive in this rapidly changing world of software development where applications are in constant flux. Quality can feel elusive in this rapidly changing world of software development where applications are in constant flux. Automation testing services make their way into the scene- a radical innovation that rationalizes the entire testing process: time and resources saved result in a better product delivered ultimately.

10 Best CI/CD Tools in 2024

Modern development strategies require implementing a continuous integration and delivery/deployment (CI/CD) pipeline to consistently deliver high-quality software and updates. To achieve this, development teams must create a CI/CD pipeline that effectively automates and accelerates the software development lifecycle. This enables developers to build and deploy better code faster. But, to create a well-functioning CI/CD pipeline, they need to use the right CI/CD tools.

Testing Bunjs Web Application With Cucumber Js And Keploy

In our previous blog, we explored how to build a modern web server using BunJs and Prisma, integrating robust authentication mechanisms with JWT tokens. Now, it’s time to ensure our application is reliable and error-free through thorough testing. In this blog, we’ll dive into testing methodologies using Cucumber JS and Keploy, both are a powerful tools that streamline the testing process and enhance the quality of our application.