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Machine Learning


Best 10 Free Financial Datasets for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry can benefit from AI, data and machine learning to advance manufacturing quality and productivity, minimize waste and reduce costs. With ML, manufacturers can modernize their businesses through use cases like forecasting demand, optimizing scheduling, preventing malfunctioning and managing quality. These all significantly contribute to bottom line improvement.


Deploying Your Hugging Face Models to Production at Scale with MLRun

Hugging Face is a popular model repository that provides simplified tools for building, training and deploying ML models. The growing adoption of Hugging Face usage among data professionals, alongside the increasing global need to become more efficient and sustainable when developing and deploying ML models, make Hugging Face an important technology and platform to learn and master.


Doing More Through Automation: How ClearML Helps Daupler Optimize Response Management

We recently had a chance to catch up with Heather Grebe, Senior Data Scientist at Daupler, which offers Daupler RMS, a 311 response management system, used by more than 200 cities and service organizations across North America and internationally. This platform helps utilities, public works, and other service organizations coordinate and document response efforts while reducing workload and collecting insights into response operations.


Accelerating Projects in Machine Learning with Applied ML Prototypes

It’s no secret that advancements like AI and machine learning (ML) can have a major impact on business operations. In Cloudera’s recent report Limitless: The Positive Power of AI, we found that 87% of business decision makers are achieving success through existing ML programs. Among the top benefits of ML, 59% of decision makers cite time savings, 54% cite cost savings, and 42% believe ML enables employees to focus on innovation as opposed to manual tasks.

How to Easily Deploy Your Hugging Face Models to Production - MLOps Live #20- With Hugging Face

Watch Julien Simon (Hugging Face), Noah Gift (MLOps Expert) and Aaron Haviv (Iguazio) discuss how you can deploy models into real business environments, serve them continuously at scale, manage their lifecycle in production, and much more in this on-demand webinar!