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Where Does Data Governance Fit Into Hybrid Cloud?

At a time when artificial intelligence (AI) and tools like generative AI (GenAI) and large language models (LLMs) have exploded in popularity, getting the most out of organizational data is critical to driving business value and carving out a competitive market advantage. To reach that goal, more businesses are turning toward hybrid cloud infrastructure – with data on-premises, in the cloud, or both – as a means to tap into valuable data.

AWS and Confluent: Meeting the Requirements of Real-Time Operations

As government agencies work to improve both customer experience and operational efficiency, two tools have become critical: cloud services and data. Confluent and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have collaborated to make the move to and management of cloud easier while also enabling data streaming for real-time insights and action. We’ll be at the AWS Public Sector Summit in Washington, DC on June 26-27 to talk about and demo how our solutions work together.

Develop a Serverless TypeScript API on AWS ECS with Fargate

AWS Fargate is a serverless compute engine that allows you to run containers without managing servers. With Fargate, you no longer have to provision clusters of virtual machines to run ECS containers: this is all done for you. Fargate has an Amazon ECS construct that can host an API. In this take, we will build a Fargate service using the AWS CDK, put the API in a docker image, and then host it inside Amazon ECS. The API will be a pizza API and we'll store the data in a DynamoDB table.

Best LLM Inference Engines and Servers to Deploy LLMs in Production

AI applications that produce human-like text, such as chatbots, virtual assistants, language translation, text generation, and more, are built on top of Large Language Models (LLMs). If you are deploying LLMs in production-grade applications, you might have faced some of the performance challenges with running these models. You might have also considered optimizing your deployment with an LLM inference engine or server.

A Software Engineer's Tips and Tricks #4: Collaborating on Visual Studio Code with Live Share

Hey there! We're back for our third edition of Tips and Tricks, our new mini series where we share some helpful insights and cool tech that we've stumbled upon while working on technical stuff. Catch up on the previous posts: All of our posts are super short reads, just a couple of minutes tops. If you don’t like one of the posts, no problem! Just skip it and check out the next one. If you enjoy any of the topics, I encourage you to check out the "further reading" links.

What Separates Hybrid Cloud and 'True' Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid cloud plays a central role in many of today’s emerging innovations—most notably artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies that create new business value and improve operational efficiencies. But getting there requires data, and a lot of it. More than that, though, harnessing the potential of these technologies requires quality data—without it, the output from an AI implementation can end up inefficient or wholly inaccurate.

Analyzing AWS Audit Logs in Real Time Using Confluent Cloud and Amazon EventBridge

Last year, we introduced the Connect with Confluent partner program, enabling our technology partners to develop native integrations with Confluent Cloud. This gives our customers access to Confluent data streams from within their favorite applications and allows them to extract maximum value from their data.