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Discover the seamless financial transformation offered by insightsoftware's EPM solutions in this in-depth What's New video. Explore how businesses can boost productivity, minimize risks, and gain real-time data access, leading to optimized financial processes and enhanced decision-making capabilities. From streamlining business cycles to ensuring accuracy and efficiency in financial governance, this video showcases the power of insightsoftware's EPM solutions in driving tangible value for organizations.

How to Build the Best Analytics Experience for Your SaaS Product

For any product team with a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, the significance of embedding capable, reliable analytics is well understood. But it’s important to remember how valuable these tools are for your users’ experience, too. Having fast access to data and easy ways to explore it is, as you know, key to monitoring business performance, finding trends, sharing insights, and improving your core product. Today’s business user also wants more when they use your product.

Snowflake Arctic Cookbook Series: Instruction-Tuning Arctic

On April 24, we released Snowflake Arctic with a key goal in mind: to be truly open. In line with that goal, the Snowflake AI Research team is writing a series of cookbooks to describe how to pretrain, fine-tune, evaluate, and serve large-scale mixture-of-experts (MoEs) such as Arctic.

Product Update: Boost Databricks productivity, performance, and efficiency

Today, 65% of IT decision-makers believe their company is falling behind the competition in using data and analytics. Why? Organizations want real-time insights, fraud/anomaly detection, trend analysis, and systems monitoring. The good news – data teams that use DataOps practices and tools will be 10 times more productive.With this in mind, Unravel is hosting a live event to share new capabilities to help you achieve productivity, performance, and cost efficiency with Databricks’ Data Intelligence Platform.

5 Ways Advertising, Media and Entertainment Companies are Using Gen AI

The emergence of generative AI (gen AI) heralds a new, groundbreaking era for advertising, media and entertainment. According to a recent Snowflake report, Advertising, Media and Entertainment Data + AI Predictions 2024, gen AI is going to transform the industry — from content creation to customer experience. The companies that will come out ahead during this time are those that most successfully and quickly supercharge their data strategy.

Revolutionizing The Data Cloud With Snowflake CEO Sridhar Ramaswamy

To kick off the fifth season of "The Data Cloud Podcast," host Steve Hamm is joined by Snowflake CEO Sridhar Ramaswamy. In this episode, Sridhar explains why organizations need to have a data strategy in order to implement a successful AI strategy. He also discusses the steps involved in creating a foundation model from scratch and why he believes AI is the glue that will bind enterprise software together.