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How to Drive Digital Transformation at Global Scale: Sibos 2022 Recap

What an action-packed week at Sibos, the world’s premier financial services event held last month in Amsterdam. It was exciting to be back with other industry leaders to talk about the future of banking and how intelligent automation is critical for success. Appian is modernizing processes for some of the largest banks, including many in attendance. In fact, we were excited to kick off Sibos on stage together with our client Rabobank, the second largest bank in the Netherlands.


6 Ways to Supercharge Business Process Efficiency with Process Mining

We’d all love more efficiency in our lives. If it were possible to eliminate the time we spend waiting in lines at the grocery store, checking in at the airport, or making our way home in rush hour traffic, the world would be a happier place. Some inefficiency is inevitable. But in business, we don’t have to accept it all. There are ways to root out the causes of many inefficiencies in business processes, minimizing, if not eliminating them. The way to do this is with process mining.


Transform Your Business Processes with an Enterprise Data Fabric Solution

With the explosion of digital innovation, there has been an equal explosion in tools and techniques to wrangle the ever growing amount of data. Maybe you’ve heard of But among the hottest new trends is building a Data Fabric. A data fabric connects data across systems to create a unified view without needing to move data from where it currently lives. This provides a core capability for the composable design of business applications leveraging multiple systems.

Transform the new hire experience with Appian and Accenture

How long does it take for your organization to onboard a new employee or contractor? Days? Weeks? Sometimes maybe months? New hire on-boarding is a critical function that directly affects the success of new employees. It takes speed and power to transform the new hire experience. The Appian low-code platform provides both.

3 Features Developers Will Appreciate in the Appian 22.4 Release

The 22.4 release ends the year on a high note with faster Appian Portal deployment (via the Appian Designer), a stylish rebrand of the Appian Process Modeler (to keep your workflow looking good), and a time-saving automation upgrade (of the RPA agent launch process). With the last release of 2022, we want to say a special thank you to our dedicated Community of developers and engineers. Your expertise, feedback, and dedication to Appian are what keep us improving and expanding with every feature.


No-code/low-code cloud data mapping with Talend

Mapping source columns with a data destination is arduous and time-consuming. Data fields can come from many source types and formats. Even though you are the expert on your datasets, you may require the assistance of IT to set up the mapping. However, the more sources, the more handoffs, the higher the possibility of errors. As organizational data has become more dispersed and voluminous across organizations and applications, it's more important than ever to ensure that you understand your data.


Appian 22.4: Codeless Data Fabric (Plus Better Portals, DevOps, Process Mining, Security, and More)

Our mission to help you improve and streamline how you operate continues. Process automation is the foundation of what we do. Appian 22.4 brings Appian Data Fabric, a wealth of new features, and a unified software development lifecycle experience that stretches across the entire platform to simplify and accelerate all your most critical business processes. If you want to learn about everything new in Appian 22.4, check out the 22.4 release webinar. Highlights from the 22.4 release.


Transform Your DevOps and User Experiences with Latest Appian Release

The above definition of user experience (UX) explains why Appian continues to be a leader and innovator in process automation. We know that it’s not just providing developers with the technology they need that’s important, but it’s also how visually appealing and easy to use those tools are. And just as important is delivering the flexibility that allows you to create apps and interfaces that delight end users.