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Top 5 AI Use Cases in Healthcare for Improving Patient Care & Hospital Efficiency

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered today. The industry’s data-driven evidential approach to medicine combined with AI is set to transform both the practice of medicine and how the treatment is delivered. AI is already being used to reinvent how people manage their health and access care, automate care delivery plans, and help with tedious tasks.


Interview With Hikari Senju, Founder and CEO of Omneky

For the next interview in our series speaking to technical leaders from around the world, we’ve welcomed Hikari Senju, Founder and CEO of Omneky. Hikari Senju is the founder and chief executive officer of Omneky, an AI platform for generating, analyzing, and optimizing personalized ads at scale.


Doing More Through Automation: How ClearML Helps Daupler Optimize Response Management

We recently had a chance to catch up with Heather Grebe, Senior Data Scientist at Daupler, which offers Daupler RMS, a 311 response management system, used by more than 200 cities and service organizations across North America and internationally. This platform helps utilities, public works, and other service organizations coordinate and document response efforts while reducing workload and collecting insights into response operations.


5 Prerequisites to Consider While Building Trustworthy AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing at a breakneck pace, and it is swiftly emerging as a potential disruptor and vital enabler for almost every business in every sector. At this point, the technology itself is not a barrier to the mainstream use of AI; rather, it a collection of challenges that, unfortunately, are far more human, such as ethics, governance, and human values, are.


Next-Gen AI-Powered Visual Testing: Catch the UI surprises before your customers do

The slightest change of code can break the functionality of an existing code structure that was previously working just fine. Your application’s user experience can be ruined if a bug occurs after a single line of code is changed. To avoid errors in production, you must run continuous tests at the end of every modification.