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How to Build AWS Lambdas with TypeScript

Serverless computing is an exciting alternative to hosting apps on the AWS cloud. In this four-part series, we’ll run through how to build AWS Lambdas with TypeScript, improve the dev experience, optimize it, and finally, use AWS Cognito for security. In this take, I would like to take you on a journey to explore AWS Lambdas using TypeScript. We will build a pizza API, use Claudia to help deploy the app, and use the AWS CLI tool to set up a DynamoDB database.


TypeScript Compiler API: Improve API Integrations Using Code Generation

Developing against third-party or unfamiliar web APIs can be painful and slow compared to using native libraries. For example, making requests with an HTTP client is simple enough but offers no compile-time sanity checks and no way for code suggestion tools like Intellisense to help you navigate. Worst of all, if the API you are consuming introduces breaking changes, you won’t find out until runtime.