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Top 9 DevOps Automation Tools to look out for in 2022 & beyond

A software development life cycle has expanded with multiple additions in the past years. As the complexities of the software have grown, so has the method of developing, testing, and releasing it to the end-users. Starting with automating testing and then moving on to development, a need to automate the process between these two helped speed things up faster and do a lot of the heavy stuff automatically.


Top 5 iOS Automation Testing Frameworks with Code Examples

Automation testing is the name you hear from almost all software engineers. Ever wondered why? This is because of the versatility of automating the test cases across multiple OS platforms, browsers, and browser versions. Though Selenium is the most widely used tool, there are other testing frameworks that has almost similar features as Selenium. Also, iOS is the widely used operating system as it gives an edge over Android by offering better synchronization between hardware and software.

How to leverage automation with integrated system data

The automation of common business practices is widely considered to represent the future for many industries, with 66% of modern organizations reportedly in the process of automating one or more core business functions, indicating an adoption rate growth of 9% between 2018 and 2020 alone. By automating the more time-consuming and repetitive aspects of a business' daily operations, companies are able to better allocate time to the most complicated facets of their roles, and with the added benefit of intelligent data analysis, well implemented automation can vastly improve efficiency.

Katalon with AWS CodePipeline integration - an End-to-end test automation solution

With AWS, Katalon creates a seamless testing experience for teams of any size and accelerates the agile software development process. Both Katalon and AWS CodePipeline play a critical role in continuous delivery, where AWS CodePipeline automates the building and deployment of applications, and Katalon ensures the quality of the applications by automating tests. In order to help customers deliver faster & release on time, Katalon has built an integration where automation scripts can be stored in AWS CodeCommit, and an AWS CopePipeline project can execute them using the integration.

How will test automation shape the future of QA?

Like many tech endeavors, QA has undergone radical evolution over the past decade, and to keep up with the competition, dev teams are looking toward the future of QA. Now, perhaps more than ever, consumers hold a critically high bar for their web and mobile apps. This means, of course, continued investment in efficient, high-quality testing to stay competitive. But what about the A word?

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10 Reasons Your Team Needs to Budget for Automated Testing

So you’re already convinced that automated testing can transform the software development lifecycle and help produce higher-quality products. But convincing management it’s a worthwhile investment? Especially if they're hesitant to add technology they don’t understand to a tight budget? That's a different story. We've got you. Here are 10 rock-solid reasons why your organization needs a budget for automated testing.


A Comprehensive Guide to Automation Testing & its Types

Automation testing is a technique in which testers leverage automated software tools for executing test cases. These tests typically include operations that are repetitive in both their nature and outcome. Automating the test suite helps in saving time and effort required in performing repetitive and resource-heavy tasks that are difficult to perform manually. In this blog post, let’s explore the advantages, types, and frameworks of Automation testing.


Five test automation challenges and how to overcome them

Automation is critical for a holistic software testing strategy in today’s DevOps cycle. Efficient automated QA systems run by talented engineers can shorten development times, improve time to release, lower costs, and drive scale. It’s worth noting that nearly a quarter of companies that initiated automated software testing showed an ROI within the first six months. Sounds perfect, right?


Manual Testing vs Automation Testing: Which one should you choose?

Before we discuss the difference between manual and automation testing, let’s understand why we need Software testing. Surprisingly in many cases, the importance given to software development won’t be given to testing. If we look into SDLC, testing has greater integrity. Taking it casually and testing in non-real environments will directly impact the entire project and lead to testing failures without a doubt.


Top 8 QA Automation Tools For Software Testing In 2022

Today, software developers have no option but to provide a software application near perfection. Automation is a great way to expand operations and save time and money. All the repetitive testing tasks that take a long time and are challenging to complete manually are automated using automated software tools. On the other hand, manual testing necessitates a trained human’s precise execution of test actions. As a result, automation testing expands the number of tests on a software program.