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Transaction Support in Cloudera Operational Database (COD)

CDP Operational Database enables developers to quickly build future-proof applications that are architected to handle data evolution. It helps developers automate and simplify database management with capabilities like auto-scale, and is fully integrated with Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). For more information and to get started with COD, refer to Getting Started with Cloudera Data Platform Operational Database (COD).


Does the Data Warehouse Sit on a Single Physical Database?

This is a guest post for written by Bill Inmon, an American computer scientist recognized as the "father of the data warehouse." Inmon wrote the first book and first magazine column about data warehousing, held the first conference about this topic, and was the first person to teach data warehousing classes. Five things to know about this topic.


How to solve four SQL data modeling issues

SQL is the universal language of data modeling. While it is not what everyone uses, it is what most analytics engineers use. SQL is found all across the most popular modern data stack tools; ThoughtSpot’s SearchIQ query engine translates natural language query into complex SQL commands on the fly, dbt built the entire premise of their tool around SQL and Jinja. And within your Snowflake data platform, it’s used to query all your tables.


Consolidate Your Data on AlloyDB With in Minutes

The AlloyDB connector from empowers organizations to rapidly consolidate all of their data into AlloyDB—a high-powered, Google Cloud database that is 100% compatible with open-source PostgreSQL. By serving as an easy-to-set-up, high-speed data pipeline to AlloyDB, helps businesses modernize their legacy proprietary databases by migrating them to open-source, PostgreSQL-compatible systems.