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Rising Toxicity in Gaming: What's the Big Idea?

Watch the full episode 👉 "Behind the Scenes of Top-Quality Game Releases: A Chat with Mac Clark" In this episode of Test Case Scenario, our host Jason Baum, along with panelists Evelyn Coleman and Marcus Merrell, are joined by special guest Mac Clark, a Solutions Engineer and Game Developer Evangelist at Sauce Labs. Get ready for a deep dive into the world of game development, debugging strategies, as well as a discussion on Sauce Labs’ 2023 Gaming Experience Survey.

How to Use Unity + Version Control

Unity is one of the top game engines used today, according to a recent survey from video game development professionals across the globe. It’s often used alongside Helix Core. In 2020, Unity acquired the version control tool Plastic SCM, which they renamed Unity Version Control. Here, you’ll learn about Unity Engine, Unity Version Control, and the key to finding the best version control system for Unity.


Building with Unity software on Bitrise: The best mobile offering for Apple Vision Pro Spatial Computing

Bitrise now offers comprehensive support for building with Unity software, streamlining the development for Apple Vision Pro spatial computer mixed realities, mobile gaming, metaverses, and immersive AR/VR worlds.


What Is Virtual Reality (VR) Game Development? Trends, Examples, and Essential Tools for Creating a VR Game

Virtual reality experiences are becoming more common across a wide range of industries, from healthcare to retail. However, gaming still stands out as a leader in this technological evolution. Virtual reality (VR) game development – currently a more than $7 billion market – is expected to bring in $53 billion by 2025. And in our 2023 game development report, 13% of surveyed developers noted they are working on a virtual reality game.

Game Developers Weigh In on Talent Shortages and Generative AI in Perforce Annual State of Game Development Report

Perforce Software announces release of the 2023 State of Game Development & Design Report. The annual industry report, conducted together with Incredibuild, the leading software development acceleration platform, gathers insights across AAA and Indie game development professionals to provide perspective on the current state of the gaming industry, emerging tools and platforms, along with opportunities that lie ahead.

Diablo 4: A SaaS Masterclass in Launch Strategy

If you’ve ever been enraptured by the magical world of gaming, you’ve likely encountered Blizzard Entertainment. Known for its high-octane, immersive games, Blizzard has long been a beacon of quality in the gaming universe. Their latest offering, Diablo 4, has taken the gaming community by storm, breaking records and setting new standards for commercially and technically successful game launches.


Unleashing the Power of Countly for Kids Gaming Industry Analytics

In the first part of this article, we delved into the importance of data privacy for children's apps, examined prominent regulations like COPPA and GDPR-K, and offered practical advice for parents and developers to safeguard children's data. ‍ As indicated by the title, this second part aims to elucidate the exceptional qualities of Countly as an analytics tool specifically tailored for the kids gaming industry. ‍