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Codemagic turns 4

Another year around the sun has passed, and Codemagic has already turned FOUR years old! Who remembers our launch in December 2018 at Flutter Live?! It feels like yesterday! We started out as a Flutter-specific CI/CD and then added support for other platforms, such as React Native, native iOS, native Android, Cordova, and Ionic. This year, we started supporting Unity CI/CD. We’re learning and growing year by year together with the community!


The Evolution of the Testing Model and Where It Will Go Next

When testing debuted in the software development world, it was quickly relegated to a position at the end of the long and expensive waterfall cycle. This afterthought status belied the importance of testing in the software development life cycle, and it was also risky. If things went awry in the testing stage, everything could fall apart, resulting in delivery delays and costly, labor-intensive repairs.


Publish to App Store Connect with Codemagic's Apple Developer Portal integration

Last year, we introduced an easier way of distributing your app to users via the App Store. It simplified and automated publishing apps on App Store Connect with a few lines you could add to your codemagic.yaml file. This feature automated your iOS releases from start to finish and pushed the CI-verified builds straight to the App Store. We are excited to announce that we have simplified this process even further! Now, you can directly reference the API key and authenticate with App Store Connect!

DevSecOps: Injecting security testing into iOS CI/CD pipelines

How can you develop more secure iOS apps? In this presentation, Bitrise Developer Advocate Moataz Nabil shares the best practices for injecting security into the CI/CD pipeline. Build better mobile applications, faster! Automate and accelerate with Bitrise's Mobile DevOps Platform, featuring industry-leading mobile CI/CD.

10 reasons to choose Codemagic CI/CD in 2022-2023

Codemagic is a CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) tool that is best suited for mobile developers. It can help you speed up your release cycle, get actionable feedback faster, and forget about the pain of manually submitting your apps to stores. Codemagic is evolving fast: This year, we added M1 Mac mini build machines and changed our pricing so that everyone can afford to use the friendliest mobile DevOps tool on the market.


Code signing issues in Xcode 14 and how to fix them

Since the release of Xcode 14, numerous code signing issues have emerged, plaguing builds across various CI/CD platforms. And even though code signing process was never easy, issues like these were relatively uncommon in previous versions of Xcode, such as Xcode 13 and Xcode 12, leaving many developers worried. If you are facing some unfamiliar code signing issues with Xcode 14, while everything seems to be fine with your keys and certificates, you aren’t alone.


What is continuous deployment?

After working on a new feature or an improvement, it's normal that you want to deliver these changes to your users as fast as possible. Depending on your deployment pipeline, confidently deploying changes to production might include coordinating with whoever is leading on-call, getting their approval, manually deploying your changes, spending hours to monitor how it goes, and performing a rollback in case something goes wrong.


38 Best CI/CD tools In 2022

There has been widespread adoption of CI/CD tools to streamline software development and testing processes in recent years. 47% of DevOps teams say they have fully automated their testing journey in 2022, a feat most significant to enumerate the importance of automation to optimize resource usage. This trend has driven 35% of developers to release codes twice as fast, facilitating higher revenues and better effort utilization.


A beginner's guide to go_router in Flutter

Routing is a crucial aspect of an app. Just like when you manage the application state or build the UI, you should give sufficient attention to optimizing the routing of your application. An optimized routing system helps users navigate your app and can handle the user state efficiently. go_Router is a declarative and minimal routing system built on top of Flutter’s Router API. go_router provides a convenient URL-based API to navigate between different screens.