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The Importance of Business and IT Alignment to Build Successful Data Pipelines

Okay, I’ll admit, I am pretty biased when it comes to how people within organizations work together to ensure successful data projects. I have been involved in too many projects that failed to take into account the importance of collaboration across departments and functions. They were stuck on data and only the data.

Demo: Unravel Data - Data Pipeline Optimization (The Easy Way)

Data pipelines fail all the time for a variety of reasons; service downtime, data volume fluctuations, etc. Diagnosing these failures manually is very difficult and time consuming. Unravel Data allows DataOps teams to troubleshoot pipeline failures automatically – showing exactly where and why a pipeline failed, and precise recommendations to remedy the issues. Using Unravel, DataOps teams can now diagnose and fix data pipeline failures in a fraction of the time.

Expert Panel: Challenges with Modern Data Pipelines

Modern data pipelines have become more business-critical than ever. Every company today is a data company, looking to leverage data analytics as a competitive advantage. But the complexity of the modern data stack imposes some significant challenges that are hindering organizations from realizing their goals and realizing the value of data.


Building Secure and Scalable Healthcare Data Pipelines

The healthcare industry is beginning to digitally transform with its adoption of continuously advancing technologies. Healthcare organizations are moving toward a more connected and collaborative healthcare ecosystem for improving the way they provide care. Any data-driven organization knows the importance of high-quality data pipelines in data science.


What Is a Data Pipeline and Why Your Ecommerce Business Needs One

Our six key points on data pipelines include: Whether you’re a one-person show reselling items on an online marketplace or a large Ecommerce enterprise with hundreds of employees, these businesses share a common factor: both generate data. The size of your business can influence the amount of data you generate, sure. But any amount of data — if it’s not adequately accessible — is worthless. Every business, especially an Ecommerce business, needs a data pipeline.


Build Hybrid Data Pipelines and Enable Universal Connectivity With CDF-PC Inbound Connections

In the second blog of the Universal Data Distribution blog series, we explored how Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud (CDF-PC) can help you implement use cases like data lakehouse and data warehouse ingest, cybersecurity, and log optimization, as well as IoT and streaming data collection. A key requirement for these use cases is the ability to not only actively pull data from source systems but to receive data that is being pushed from various sources to the central distribution service.