How to Set Up S3 Archive Storage for DigitalOcean + Helix Core

How to Set Up S3 Archive Storage for DigitalOcean + Helix Core

Jan 12, 2024

In this video, learn how to set up S3 archive storage for DigitalOcean. Plus, learn how archive depots work, how to create an archive depot, and how to archive/restore files in Perforce Helix Core.

00:08 Intro to Archive Depots

02:31 DigitalOcean: Create Spaces Bucket

03:56 DigitalOcean: Create Access Key

05:15 P4: Archive Depot Creation

07:38 Digital Ocean: Archive Depot Setup

09:06 P4: Archiving Files

12:29 P4: Restoring Archived Files

15:28 Conclusion

Check out the other videos in the Perforce Helix Core Admin’s Guide playlist for tutorials on other basic admin operations you will use when administering your Helix core server.

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Other helpful documentation:

See the Helix Core Server Administrator Guide instructions on reclaiming disk space by archiving files to learn how to configure the new S3 backed archive depot:

p4 archive documentation:

p4 restore documentation:

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About Helix Core: Perforce Helix Core is the leading version control system for teams who need to accelerate innovation at scale. Store and track changes to all your digital assets, from source code to binary to IPs. Connect your teams and empower them to move faster and build better:

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Helix Core Basics: Check out our Perforce Helix Core Beginner’s Guide playlist for the basics of using Helix Core:

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