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Using DreamFactory for Legacy Application Modernization

Many organizations face the challenge of legacy application modernization. DreamFactory, an on-premise API generation and management platform, offers a robust solution for this transition. By enabling the creation of APIs from any data source, automating integration processes, and enhancing security measures, DreamFactory simplifies the modernization of outdated systems.

From Acquisition to Integration: How SmartBear is Elevating API Development with Stoplight

Back in August, SmartBear acquired Stoplight, a leader in API design and documentation. Since this acquisition, our focus has been on seamlessly integrating Stoplight's open-source tools—Spectral, Elements, and Prism—into SwaggerHub. Our goal is to simplify complex API development tasks and address the common challenges encountered in API development.

Snowflake's New Python API Empowers Data Engineers to Build Modern Data Pipelines with Ease

In today’s data-driven world, developer productivity is essential for organizations to build effective and reliable products, accelerate time to value, and fuel ongoing innovation. To deliver on these goals, developers must have the ability to manipulate and analyze information efficiently. Yet while SQL applications have long served as the gateway to access and manage data, Python has become the language of choice for most data teams, creating a disconnect.

How to Perform Database Analysis with AI

This blog explores how DreamFactory leverages its robust features to perform database analysis with AI, ensuring secure and efficient data operations. We will discuss the platform’s ability to generate dynamic APIs, provide real-time data insights, and maintain stringent security measures to protect data integrity.

Microapps vs. Microservices: the Similarities and Differences

From the end user’s perspective, the microapps and microservices often seem to provide the same functionality. However, development teams need to think about microapps vs. microservices when building products. Before you commit time to microapps or microservices architecture, take some time to consider how these options will affect user experience (UX), user interface (UI), and security of your websites, web apps, and mobile apps.

The Types of APIs Your Organization Might Need

When comparing the types of APIs (application programming interfaces), API architecture types and different API categories are incredibly important. The following article will discuss API architecture and protocol types (REST and SOAP) and three types of API categories (open, internal, and partner). Here’s the key things to know about the types of APIs your organization might need: Table of Contents.

Announcing the GA of Kong Konnect Dedicated Cloud Gateways

Today we announce the general availability of Kong Konnect Dedicated Cloud Gateways, delivering on our promise when we launched the service in tech preview late last year. Cloud Gateways is a fully managed, multi-region API management solution. It’s the easiest and fastest way to deploy performant, scalable, and highly available global API management infrastructure in the cloud using Kong Gateway with Kong Konnect, Kong’s unified API platform.

How Asgardeo Protects You from Costly Downtime

We all love the ease and affordability of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) tools. We expect our SaaS apps to be available whenever we need them, building our business processes around this assumption. At WSO2, we are grateful that many organizations trust our SaaS solutions, and we continually work to ensure this trust is well-founded. It’s worth taking a moment to understand the impact when those mission-critical apps go offline. Just one minute of downtime can cost businesses thousands of dollars.