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What is gRPC framework? How can we use it more effectively?

It was in 2015 that Google first developed gRPC as an extension of RPC(Remote Procedure Call) to link all its microservices. It was a closed tool operated only in their infrastructure then, but later, they opened it to the public, and gRPC has grown since then with community support. Now, it’s part of the CNFC project.


Kong Konnect RESTful Admin APIs and AWS AppSync GraphQL Services - Part I: Query

GraphQL is a query language to enable applications to fetch data from servers. In fact, as it isn't tied to any specific database or storage engine, GraphQL can aggregate data from multiple sources to create a natural representation of your data. The representation is a graph. The following image illustrates a typical GraphQL abstraction: A few common GraphQL use cases include.


Key Questions to Ask When Building an API

Data is an essential part of most businesses in today’s digital age. It helps provide insight into various business processes, including recruiting, product strategy, and more. That’s where API comes into play. An API is designed to help improve overall business strategy for several focus areas, including marketing and customer services. This software is valuable in many instances, but it’s important to ask a few essential questions before beginning the process of building an API.


How To Upgrade Legacy Applications in Your Organization

Legacy applications pose multiple problems for data-driven organizations like yours. Outdated software might no longer receive support and maintenance from its vendor or might not integrate with modern technologies like cloud computing. Still, these applications are essential for day-to-day business tasks, and replacing them could impede productivity and profitability.

How to build custom data APIs

Building custom APIs to host and distribute your data. We look at two ways where you can create a REST API with ease: Create your API by defining your endpoints with a wizard Create your API from OpenAPI 3 specification This video answers the questions: How to create a REST API How to quickly make an API How to create a data API How to distribute data via API Linx is a general-purpose, low-code platform for backends.

8 Tips for Optimizing an API

Using APIs allows companies to harness the power of modern connectivity to help them expand their global reach, transfer data, and improve integration. Although APIs enable businesses to simplify processes and enhance usability, they can use some optimization strategies to improve performance. If you plan to use APIs or consider using an API provider, try using these tips to help make the processes optimized to get the most out of them.

What is WSO2 APK (API Platform for Kubernetes) ?

WSO2 APK (API Platform for Kubernetes) is an advanced API management solution designed specifically for Kubernetes environments. Its seamless integration with Kubernetes adheres to Kubernetes Gateway standards and aligns with Kubernetes workflows to empower organizations to efficiently manage APIs in a native Kubernetes manner.