AI Like a Rockstar

Although it might seem a little early, I was just thinking: what will 2023 be remembered for? For many it will be the year that Beyonce and Taylor Swift took to stages around the world and pushed the boundaries of live music (I’m a confirmed Swiftie if you didn’t know). It is also the year of AI. When I speak with customers, they all talk about how they are steering towards AI adoption.


8 Things You Can Do With Data Apps in Keboola

Imagine this: data consumers in your organization no longer anxiously wait for essential data, self-serving data with ease and confidence. Data engineers, freed from dull routine tasks and ad-hoc requests, tackling strategic projects at speed. Meet Data Apps. This new Keboola feature empowers business teams with self-serve data while freeing data engineers to focus on high-impact work. How?


23 Best Free NLP Datasets for Machine Learning

NLP is a field of AI that enables machines to understand, interpret, and generate human language in a way that is both meaningful and contextually relevant. Recently, ChatGPT and similar applications have created a surge in consumer and business interest in NLP. Now, many organizations are trying to incorporate NLP into their offerings.

Snowflake Customer 360 For Organizations

In today’s highly competitive market, consumers are more likely to stick with brands and businesses that recognize their wants and needs. Achieving this level of personalization requires companies to have a 360-degree view of customers or Customer 360. Learn how the Snowflake Data Cloud helps companies activate data to improve customer experiences by powering Customer 360.

What Is a Data-Driven Organization?

Organizations that consistently use data for decision-making and improving operations outperform their competition. In fact, B2B companies utilizing data experience above-market growth and earnings increases of 15 to 25%. McKinsey forecasts that by 2025, almost all employees will use data to support their work naturally and regularly. Compare that to how organizations currently apply data-driven approaches—sporadically throughout the organization.


Do the Benefits of Cloud Outweigh the Costs?

Companies are now making a decisive shift from traditional on-premises Oracle software to Oracle’s cutting-edge cloud solutions. In fact, a recent Gartner report on cloud expenditure found that cross-industry cloud spend has risen from 8% as a percentage of total IT spend in 2018 to 16% in 2022. Worldwide spending on public cloud services is expected to grow by 21.7% in 2023.


Think Your Company Doesn't Need a Chief Data Officer? Here Are 7 Reasons Why It Does

Perhaps your C-suite is already a bit crowded. The typical hierarchy will include a CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, CMO, CIO, and a few more. Adding another position may not be terribly appealing, but there is one C-suite role every company should consider—chief data and analytics officer (CDO or CDAO).