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The 23 Best Keyword Tracking Tools (According to 107 SEOs)

Do you know if your keyword research and optimization strategy are working? Keywords are a fundamental part of SEO, and as such, you need to know how they’re performing. For that, you need to use the right tools. We’ve asked 107 SEOs about the best keyword tracking tools. Here is what they recommend.

SEO for Startups: Tips and Warnings from 100+ Experts

When you’re marketing for a startup, one of your top priorities is to put your company on the map. You want to get people familiar with your name and establish sustainable marketing systems. These goals make SEO an ideal target for businesses starting out. It expands your company’s reach, but it takes a while to start working, so it’s best to start it sooner than later. So, how should your startup dig into SEO? What tactics should come first for a growing business?

WordPress Plugins to Optimize your Google Page Speed Score

Page loading speed has been an official Google ranking factor since 2010. Additionally, Core Web Vitals, strongly tied to speed, became part of the factors influencing Google search result rankings in 2021. Understanding the impact of Google rankings on business outcomes, website owners are dedicating more time and effort to optimization. Their goal: achieving “green” Google Page Speed Insights, especially in the “Performance” category for mobile versions.

10 Best SEO Reporting Tools for 2024

What makes an SEO reporting tool the perfect fit for your business? Many SEO reporting tools can be complex and require time to learn to use effectively. Balancing the cost of these tools with the value they provide can be another challenge, along with ensuring that your chosen software can scale with your needs and integrate with the systems you’re already using. See? There are so many factors to be considered when choosing how you’re going to monitor and report on your SEO efforts.

How to Create The Best Website Structure for SEO in 2023 (20+ Tips)

You can’t rank well in Google if its crawlers are unable to access your website. Sure, 404 errors and internal links have a part to play in how Google spiders find their way around your site. But we wanted to find out how big of an impact your site structure on SEO. And, if so, how you can optimize your website to make it easier for Google (and your users!) to navigate. So in this guide, we cover.