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Digital Transformation in the Retail Sector: The New Future

Have you noticed how quickly the retail industry is changing? It's all thanks to digital transformation, which is happening at an incredible pace. We bet you're curious about why this shift is happening and what's driving it. Don't worry, you're not alone in your questions. Many people are wondering about the same thing. With each passing day, we see new technologies and IT solutions being adopted by retailers to stay ahead of the competition and offer better user experiences.

7 Stages of New Product Development Process

Bringing your futuristic vision for a new product to life is one of the biggest hurdles for aspiring entrepreneurs. The new product development process may seem mysterious in the beginning, however, when cracked, this journey to a final product can easily become a straight line. The majority of customers shopping online regularly are usually clueless about the rigorous and time-consuming process that every product goes through before they enter the digital realm.

What is Mobile Testing? Definition, Tools, Best Practices

We are living in a mobile-first world. It dominates the world, when there are over 10.37 billion mobile connections worldwide, which is even higher than the global population. This number will only increase in the upcoming years. Mobile testing is therefore more critical than ever to accommodate for the ever-rising bar for mobile app quality. This article is written to help testers of any level and expertise to get started with mobile testing. Here are the items we are going to include: 1.

How to Maintain App Quality at Scale

In February 2024, approximately 89,000 mobile apps were released via the Apple App and Google Play stores—37,000 and 52,000, respectively. That’s about 3,100 mobile apps per day, and that’s not even counting the apps released via other platforms. App consumers know they have options, and if your app isn’t cutting it for them, they can simply delete it and find a better one—which means you can’t afford to scrimp on app quality assurance.