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A Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Mobile-Friendly Website

The trend of mobile users is increasing day after day. The websites that are compatible with mobile are getting more customers and conversions compared to websites that have only desktop versions or are not properly compatible with mobile phones. In order to get more visibility and credibility, it is advised to have mobile mobile-friendly design. A recent survey has shown that around 33% of users visit websites from mobile and around 67% of users search through desktops. So, if you need to get 100% of users on your websites, you need to ensure mobile-friendly website design.

Digital Assurance for 5G Networks: Ensuring a Seamless Future

The rapid advancement of communication technologies has paved the way for the deployment of 5G networks, promising unprecedented speeds, low latency, and enhanced reliability. As 5G technology becomes increasingly integrated into our daily lives, ensuring its robustness and security has never been more critical. Digital assurance, a comprehensive testing and verification approach, plays a vital role in safeguarding the performance, stability, and overall quality of 5G networks.


Securing CI/CD with 1Password

Secret management in shared environments like Continuous Integration and Delivery services is challenging. It’s essential to keep secrets secure and ensure they don’t end up in the wrong place, like logs or code repositories. Integrating solutions like 1Password into CI/CD workflows offer the advantage of centralising secret management, and it also allows you to encrypt every secret, providing controlled programmatic access to applications.