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A Software Development Manager's Guide To Beginner Mistakes

R&D managers, when first stepping into the role, tend to make the mistake of choosing one of two extreme management approaches. Each of these comes with its own set of challenges – and its own set of organizational waste. And that’s the last thing you want to create as a manager.


How to Debug Code Using ChatGPT

Unlike traditional debugging tools, which can be complex and require specific knowledge of the programming language, ChatGPT is accessible to programmers of all levels and works in any language. Simply ask ChatGPT specific questions about error messages or unexpected behavior and you’ll get a reply with relevant information that can help you identify and fix the issue.


Shift Left with Multibranch Pipeline Using Argo Workflows

This blog is a follow-up to our earlier discussion of multibranch pipelines and how they can help streamline software development processes. There we explored the benefits of managing pipelines in the same repository as code and how that gives developers the ability to version their pipelines alongside their code, ensuring they remain in sync.

From Server to Serverless Clients A Debugger's Point of View

The transition from a server to a serverless architecture can be tricky for any application, particularly if your application needs to instrument other people’s code. In this talk, I will go over some of the different challenges and hurdles we faced when adding support for serverless applications in our debugger. We will also discuss several struggles that affect serverless applications, and dive into what needs to be considered when making sure that a new tool’s SDK has minimal impact on the performance of your application.

5 Basic Steps To Implement The Technology Acceptance Model Of Usefulness In Your Development Organization

As engineering leaders, we all struggle to find the balance between creating cool technology and useable technology. Let’s be real. We all want to create cool things. It’s in our nature. But what’s the point of doing so when no one will use it? It’s crucial to remember that the ultimate goal of our work is to create something helpful and effective. Our work has to have a purpose.


Debugging Kong Requests: 7 Kong Gateway Troubleshooting Tips

Developers will remember times when they were trying to figure out why something they were working on wasn’t behaving as expected. Hours of frustration, too much (or perhaps never enough) caffeine consumed, and sotto voce curses uttered. And then — as if by fate — the issue is narrowed down to a simple oversight that makes perfect sense upon discovery. Problem solved!