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Machine Learning


7 AI/ML Use Cases to Watch

2023 is looking likely to be a breakout year for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Some industry-watchers predict that recent breakthroughs in AI might lead to a new revolution in society akin to the industrial revolution, the invention of the internet, or the advent of the smartphone. Yet, 2023 doesn’t mark the invention of AI—just the year it went viral thanks to OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology.


Computer Vision 101: What It Is and Why It Matters

10 years ago, it would be ridiculous for people to believe that someday they would be able to use their faces to unlock their phones. That’s because it had been extremely difficult to create cartoon characters without profound drawing skills – but now we can easily turn photos into cartoon characters. Struggling with parallel parking? No worries, because self-parking systems are becoming standard equipment in vehicles.


How Seagate Runs Advanced Manufacturing at Scale With Iguazio

Seagate is the world’s leading data storage solution. Together with Iguazio, Seagate is able to manage data engineering at scale while harnessing petabytes of data, efficiently utilize resources, bridge the gap between data engineering and data science and create one production-ready environment with enterprise capabilities. In this new webinar, Vamsi Paladugu, Sr.


What Is Deep Learning? A Guide to Deep Learning Use Cases, Applications, and Benefits

Deep learning has become a buzzword in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years. It has achieved impressive results in a variety of tasks, including image and speech recognition, natural language processing, and even playing games.


Classifying DNA Sequences into Gene Families on SageMaker

The cost of DNA sequencing continues to decline exponentially. With the average cost of sequencing mammalian DNA hovering around $1,000 in the beginning of 2023, startups like Ultima Genomics and Illumina are working to decrease the cost to between $100-$200. That’s about the same as a new pair of Brooks running shoes! As the sequencing cost drops, the quantity of genetic data to study and analyze explodes, making it even more important to leverage machine learning techniques.


Performance Testing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We are going to look at how performance testing can work hand in hand with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: As there are many Artificial Intelligence solutions to choose from and for the purposes of this post this is the easiest way to discuss the principles of Artificial Intelligence working with performance testing rather than discussing a particular framework.


How Iodine Uses ClearML to Enable Better Healthcare Delivery

Improving patient care is right up there with the importance of optimizing the allocation and efficiency of precious resources when it comes to today’s healthcare. But that’s been difficult for people alone to accomplish, even with automation. The good news is that machine learning is now addressing these challenges and a company called Iodine Software is leading the innovation.