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9 Web Design Tools for Non-Designers

If you don’t have any design experience it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn a few easy ways to tweak your website if something changes or you want a slight revision. For major companies or a company you’re expecting to grow over the next few years, hiring a designer is one of the most important things you can do for your website, but a little bit of design knowledge on your end can go a long way.


Multi-Tenancy and Kong: An Architectural Guide

Engineering organizations building modern API-driven systems have different priorities when it comes to their API management solution. These priorities will drive design decisions about the deployment of various components for API gateways. Some organizations are looking to optimize compute resource utilization, helping to control costs or reduce operational toil.


Common Types of Software Architecture

When referring to types of software architecture, often people refer to the general blueprint or structure that software developers follow when building applications. Relying on common architectural styles makes it easier for project managers and programmers to make products efficiently. Development teams can choose software architecture patterns they know can offer the functionality they need.


Why Web Design is Important for Business?

A thriving business flourishes on regular engagement. Well, this statement certainly holds true for every business type. If you’re a business owner, at a certain time you might have gone through an inefficient problem-solving experience with your customers. A bit infuriating, isn’t it? But, the solution for such instances lies at your fingertips – quite literally!


Defining a Technical Architecture

When doing long-term planning for an organization, it is really helpful to start with a statement of what the architecture is and what that architecture will encompass. The architectural definition of the technology that will be used will serve as a long-term guide for making technical decisions. In addition, a properly built architecture serves as an instrument of focus, direction, and prioritization for the organization.


Solid Software Design Principles

In this article, we will see SOLID principles and how to implement those principles while building a software application. Robert. C. Martin (popularly known as Uncle Bob) introduced the SOLID principle. Later, Michael Feather re-orders the principle to form the acronym. It helps to implement better code design, maintainability, and extendability.


10 Best Rapid Prototyping Tools

Prototyping is made easier with the software. In order to create a prototype as close as possible to your final vision, the best prototyping tools use design features, navigation elements, and interactions. During product development, this can help you avoid costly reworks. Rapid prototyping should be part of any project, whether it is a mobile app or a website design.