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Extending SmartBear's Modern Developer Focused Observability Capabilities

Today, we are very excited to announce the acquisition of Aspecto, an OpenTelemetry (OTel) pioneer whose capabilities will further extend SmartBear’s modern, developer-focused observability capabilities. Aspecto’s solution discovers modern microservice based architectures and visualizes all the real-time interactions between services and APIs through advanced distributed tracing capabilities.


Introducing Grafana Cloud k6: unified performance testing and observability

Organizations use load and performance testing to prevent issues from impacting customers, which is essential if they want to stay relevant in today’s digital-first world. And with the rise of cloud native technology and DevOps, software teams must shift performance testing left, towards development. However, traditional load and performance testing tools simply haven’t kept pace, leaving developers, operations, and QA teams siloed.


Non Functional Testing - With Non Functional Test Examples

Non functional testing is just as important as functional testing. Both ensure that your product is working as it should. But non functional testing checks aspects of your product that aren’t covered in functional tests. And it helps ensure a high level of product quality, performance, and usability - all of which lead to higher user satisfaction.

Introducing Grafana Cloud k6: How to run load tests with Grafana and k6

Grafana Cloud k6 is a feature available to all users of Grafana Cloud. It allows you to run load and performance tests right from the comfort of your Grafana Cloud instance, without needing to create a separate account on k6 Cloud. Grafana Cloud k6 helps you get started quickly with a GUI Test Builder or with test scripts written in JavaScript, and then visualize your test results in real-time, alongside your other Grafana dashboards that monitor your system infrastructure. With Grafana Cloud k6, you can get a holistic look at your system's performance-- on any environment.

k-SIX News - Breaking News! Grafana Cloud k6 launch

Announcing the launch of Grafana Cloud k6! The k6 Cloud platform is finally available as a new offering within Grafana Cloud that empowers developers, operations and QA teams to prevent system failures and consistently deliver fast and reliable applications. The announcement comes directly from Raj Dutt, Grafana Labs CEO. Paul Balogh gives a tour through the new clouds in his weather segment, closing with the usual fun and bloopers.