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The Future of AI & Human-Robot Interaction | WSO2Con USA 2024

We are excited to share with you the highlight reel from WSO2Con 2024, featuring a keynote by Dr. Kate Darling, a leading expert in social robotics and MIT Media Lab Research Scientist. Dr. Darling's presentation, "The Future of AI & Human-Robot Interaction," captivated our audience and offered insights into the evolving relationship between humans and robots. During her talk, Dr. Darling delved into why humans fear some robots while empathizing with others, addressing critical questions about our future interactions with these intelligent machines.

5 Reasons to Replace ClearCase or SVN to Future-Proof Embedded Development

Signs it’s time to replace your legacy data management system (like SVN or ClearCase) with a modern solution: In this webinar, VCS Chief Technology Officer Brad Hart and Senior Director of Sales Engineering Gerhard Krüger dive into the reasons organizations hold onto their legacy DM, the long-term risks of not migrating to a modern tool, and what embedded development teams should look for in a secure and scalable solution.

Unified API Management: WSO2 API Manager Control Plane with WSO2 APK Data Plane

In this video, Sampath Rajapakse, Associate Technical Lead, and Tharsanan Kurukulasingham, Senior Software Engineer at WSO2 demonstrate how to effectively manage APIs using the combined power of WSO2 API Manager Control Plane and WSO2 API Platform for Kubernetes (APK).

Deep Dive into Kong Gateway's New Rust-Based Router

The router component in the Kong Gateway is a crucial element for traffic handling, allowing the definition of specific matching rules to identify and process client requests. As a core component of the gateway, the router plays a vital role in ensuring the functionality, flexibility, security as well as performance of the gateway.

6 Ways to Improve Your Incident Management Reporting Process

Every organization faces incidents. These could be simple, such as customers being temporarily locked out of online accounts. Or they could be major incidents that damage your reputation, like a bad customer interaction that gets on the news. Or they could be damaging in another deep way, like a security breach or safety incident in manufacturing. Unplanned events are inevitable. How you handle them will make or break your organization.

What is Accessibility in Software?

Code and human connection go hand-in-hand. In this episode, we dive deep into the ever-evolving world of accessibility testing in web and software development. Whether you're a seasoned dev or just getting started, accessibility is your guide to creating inclusive spaces for global collaboration. But where do you start? And why does it even matter? Rachael Yomtoob, Product Owner of axe DevTools Mobile at Deque Systems, Inc., shares how to weave accessibility into your development process.

Exploring the Node.js Native Test Runner

The inclusion of a stable test runner in Node.js(version 18+) has generated significant debate in the community, given the abundance of established third-party testing frameworks. While its arrival naturally sparks comparisons to existing tools, this article won't focus on justifying its place in the ecosystem. Instead, we'll embark on a hands-on exploration of the test runner's core capabilities, from writing and executing tests to organization and customization features.

An Introduction to Auth0 for Ruby on Rails

From custom-made to plug-and-play forms of authentication, Ruby developers have plenty to choose from these days. Yet, as you may know, building your own solution can be costly and dangerous. If Devise is the de facto standard for most teams, an alternative might simplify the lives of most. This article will cover the setup and use of Auth0 in a Ruby on Rails application, including everything you need to get going properly, from handling roles to relying on multiple providers to authenticate users.

Is SRE the Antidote to Developers Behaving Badly? with BobbyD

Pushing your code to production without testing? You might want to think twice. In this episode, Bobby Dorlus, founder and CEO of #TheTechHustle, shares the importance of test automation, site reliability engineering, and his advocacy of diversity within the industry. Tune in as Jason and Bobby analyze the stats and real-life debacles that happen when testing gets skipped, as well as those who should be responsible for testing. Spoiler alert—it’s not just the developers.