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Qlik and Confluent Together Deliver Real-Time Data Streaming To Kafka

Qlik Data Integration enable you to automatically produce real-time transaction streams into Kafka. Take advantage of modern analytics and microservices, enabling streaming analytics as well as streaming ingestion into data lakes and data warehouse platforms. And unlock the potential of data from legacy systems with microservices environment integrations.

Using Kafka Connect Securely in the Cloudera Data Platform

In this post I will demonstrate how Kafka Connect is integrated in the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), allowing users to manage and monitor their connectors in Streams Messaging Manager while also touching on security features such as role-based access control and sensitive information handling. If you are a developer moving data in or out of Kafka, an administrator, or a security expert this post is for you. But before I introduce the nitty-gritty first let’s start with the basics.


Scaling Kafka Brokers in Cloudera Data Hub

This blog post will provide guidance to administrators currently using or interested in using Kafka nodes to maintain cluster changes as they scale up or down to balance performance and cloud costs in production deployments. Kafka brokers contained within host groups enable the administrators to more easily add and remove nodes. This creates flexibility to handle real-time data feed volumes as they fluctuate.

How to extend Kafka pipelines to users over the public internet

In the realms of event streaming, Kafka has become the number one choice for many organizations. It’s capable of handling and processing vast amounts of critical, time-sensitive event data. But Kafka isn’t designed for distributing data between internal systems and consumers on the public internet. Yet rich, live digital experiences are a must-have as far as users are concerned. They are increasingly becoming a key source of differentiation. In this webinar we will show you how you can harness the power of Kafka, to deliver engaging realtime application to users, using Ably.

Kafka best practices: Monitoring and optimizing the performance of Kafka applications

Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed event streaming platform used by thousands of companies for high-performance data pipelines, streaming analytics, data integration, and mission-critical applications. Administrators, developers, and data engineers who use Kafka clusters struggle to understand what is happening in their Kafka implementations.


Building a dependable realtime betting app with Confluent Cloud and Ably

Our everyday digital experiences are in the midst of a revolution. Customers increasingly expect their online experiences to be interactive, immersive, and realtime by default. The need to satisfy user expectations is driving the exponential growth of event-driven architectures in organizations of all shapes and sizes. And by enabling users to have realtime experiences whenever and wherever they want, 24/7, mobile drives this change further and faster.


The Ably Kafka Connector - now Generally Available with enhanced pattern-based mapping capabilities

The Ably Kafka Connector has a raft of new enhancements, and is now available in a full general availability (GA) release. Developers now have the option to use pattern-based mapping rules to enable streaming of data from many Kafka topics to many Ably channels - ideal for chat solutions, live sports updates, live streaming, broadcasting notifications and alerts.