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Observe Everything

Over the past handful of years, systems architecture has evolved from monolithic approaches to applications and platforms that leverage containers, schedulers, lambda functions, and more across heterogeneous infrastructures. Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) is no different: it’s a hybrid data platform that meets organizations’ needs to get to grips with complex data anywhere, turning it into actionable insight quickly and easily.

Why Data Leaders Need to End-to-End Business Understanding

The days of data leaders working in siloes is over. In this clip, Dora Boussias of Stryker explains why, for the modern data strategist, success is found in not only knowing the “bits and bytes” of a company’s data, but by having a holistic understanding of the company’s goals, and knowing how data will help achieve them.

Buy Your Embedded Analytics and Empower Your End-Users With the Right Data

The value of embedded analytics is unmistakable. Application teams that embed dashboards and reports drive revenue, reduce customer churn, and differentiate their software from the competition. While embedded dashboards create real value, they can also come with real costs. These costs are not always visible when companies plan for their analytics offering but can significantly impact production, scale, and the speed of bringing analytics to market.

Open Data Lakehouse powered by Apache Iceberg on Apache Ozone

With minimal setup, it is this simple to get started with Iceberg on Ozone in CDP Private Cloud. This ability allows you to reap the benefits of both a powerful exabyte-scale storage system and an optimized table format for petabyte-scale analytics. In this video I'm going to demonstrate how to create, upgrade and use iceberg tables on Ozone in CDP Private Cloud. Iceberg is engine agnostic and it works with most analytic query engines like Hive, Impala, Spark and so on.

ThoughtSpot co-founder and CTO, Amit Prakash, on the release of ThoughtSpot Sage

ThoughtSpot co-founder and CTO, Amit Prakash, explains ThoughtSpot's new integration with GPT-3, including the launch of ThoughtSpot Sage, a new search experience that combines LLMs like GPT-3 with ThoughtSpot’s patented search technology. Here's a brief look at how it works.

Bluepi CEO Discusses Strategies for Implementing A Data-Driven Business Transformation

When companies begin the process of moving their data to the cloud, they enter a transformative business journey that can seem intimidating and overwhelming. That’s where BluePi Consulting comes in. With offices in India and Australia, BluePi has extensive experience helping companies make that journey to the cloud. In this episode of “Data Cloud Now,” host Gautam Srinivasan chats with Pronam Chatterjee, CEO of Bluepi, about the challenges of that journey, the strategies employed to navigate it successfully, and the critical role that Snowflake plays in making the journey as seamless and painless as possible.