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Implementing a Hybrid Kong Konnect Data Plane in Amazon ECS

Application Modernization projects often require their workloads to run on multiple platforms which requires a hybrid model. Kong Konnect is an API lifecycle management platform delivered as a service. The Control Plane, responsible for admin tasks, is hosted in the cloud by Kong. The Data Plane, totally based on Kong Gateway, can be deployed across multiple environments including VMs, Kubernetes, Docker, etc.


The Perforce Enhanced Studio Pack: Everything You Need For the Cloud

We talked to users, discussed workflows, simplified onboarding, and learned how companies from indie developers to enterprise game studios deploy version control at scale to create a new way to easily deploy Helix Core into the cloud. The Perforce Enhanced Studio Pack (ESP) contains all the tools needed for world-class development in a single, pre-configured environment. It offers a production-ready, turn-key bundle of Perforce software that teams can deploy on AWS and Azure.


VPCs: An Introduction to Secure Business Networking

You’ve heard of cloud computing and how businesses use it, but do you know about virtual public clouds? VPCs are designed to give users a private cloud experience on a public cloud. For many, this is the best of both worlds when it comes to cloud storage: you get the benefits of a private cloud with the resources available on the public cloud.

Problems Enterprises Face with Cloud Operations and Complexity Around Cloud Management

The complexity of today's hybrid and multi cloud operating models is contributing to unexpected costs, outages, security, and compliance risks. This segment discusses the challenges businesses face with cloud operations and cloud management.

DataFinOps: Holding individuals accountable for their own cloud data costs

Most organizations spend at least 37% (sometimes over 50%) more than they need to on their cloud data workloads. A lot of costs are incurred down at the individual job level, and this is usually where there’s the biggest chunk of overspending. Two of the biggest culprits are oversized resources and inefficient code. But for an organization running 10,000s or 100,000s of jobs, finding and fixing bad code or right-sizing resources is shoveling sand against the tide.


On-Premises vs. Virtual Private Cloud: Advantages and Disadvantages

Wondering which is the best way to host your business applications and IT infrastructure? Many enterprises are transitioning from on-premises software to cloud computing. On the other hand, several established companies are investing their capital in on-premises software. Both of these deployment models have advantages and drawbacks, and you can zero in on the right option by considering your specific requirements. Let’s explore these options in detail to help you make an informed decision.