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Cloudflare API Observability: 5 Metrics To Monitor

Building APIs is a fact of life for most modern developers. When we aren’t building them, we integrate them within our applications. Regardless of how you look at it, modern businesses are built on top of the foundation that APIs have built. They’re the bridges that allow different software systems to talk, share data, and work together seamlessly. But with great power comes great responsibility.

Enhance User Scalability and Response Time | Cigniti's Cloud Performance Testing Services

A prominent utility provider faced challenges with client-facing applications, requiring assessing system capabilities under significant loads. Accommodating 50,000 concurrent users within an infrastructure reliant on SQL and IIS, the need for a robust yet cost-effective load-generation setup became paramount.

Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion Adds Support for Confluent Cloud as Source

Until recently, customers didn't have an easy way to send data from Confluent’s data streaming platform to Amazon OpenSearch. They had to either write custom code using AWS Lambda as an intermediary, refactor the HTTP Sink connector, or self-manage an old Elasticsearch connector version. Earlier this year, we announced the fully managed OpenSearch Sink connector, providing a seamless way to sink data from Confluent to Amazon OpenSearch.

Confluent Is Named Microsoft's 2024 OSS on Azure Global Partner of the Year

Confluent is thrilled to be named Microsoft’s 2024 OSS on Azure Global Partner of the Year. As a three-time Partner of the Year award winner, this recognition reflects our commitment to delivering outstanding open source-based applications and infrastructure solutions on Microsoft Azure.

AWS Regions: Build, Run, Scale on AWS with Koyeb

Today, we are announcing AWS regions on Koyeb for businesses. The fastest way to build, run, and scale your apps on AWS infrastructure. Over the last months, we've gotten more and more requests from businesses established on AWS to have a way to deploy Koyeb services on AWS infrastructure to: Our platform's core technology is cloud-agnostic and can be operated on top of anything, from high-performance bare metal servers to IaaS providers.

Volumes Technical Preview: Blazing-fast NVMe SSD for Your Data

Ready? Day three of Koyeb launch week is on! When you deploy your apps on Koyeb, your data is on ephemeral disks. While this works great for stateless applications, this is challenging for stateful workloads like databases. Just in time to save the day, we are launching the technical preview of Volumes! You can now use Volumes to persist data between deployments, restarts, and even when services are paused. We're gradually onboarding users to ensure the best experience for everyone.

GPUs Public Preview: Run AI workloads on H100, A100, L40S, and more

Welcome to day two of Koyeb launch week. Today we're announcing not one, but two major pieces of news: Our lineup ranges from 20GB to 80GB of vRAM with A100 and H100 cards. You can now run high-precision calculations with FP64 instructions support and a gigantic 2TB/s of bandwidth on the H100. With prices ranging from $0.50/hr to $3.30/hr and always billed by the second, you'll be able to run training, fine-tuning, and inference workloads with a card adapted to your needs.

Autoscaling GA: Scale Fast, Sleep Well, Don't Break the Bank

We are thrilled to kickstart this first launch week with autoscaling - now generally available! Our goal is to offer a global and serverless experience for your deployments. Autoscaling makes this vision a reality. Say goodbye to overpaying for unused resources and late-night alerts for unhealthy instances or underprovisioned resources! During the autoscaling public preview, we received key feedback around scaling factors.