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Unlocking Hidden Value: Navigating the Data-to-Insights Gap

Data is the key to better decision-making. Organizations diligently collect vast amounts of data, building data lakes and warehouses to unify it all. The promise is clear - To convert all this data into actionable insights and drive tangible business results. But the reality? Transforming data into actionable domain-specific intelligence and tangible business outcomes remains challenging.

What Is Legacy ERP Modernization? Legacy vs. Modern ERP

Staying competitive requires embracing change and innovation. Modernizing legacy ERP is one such change that can equip enterprises with the tools they need to thrive. According to Gartner, 45% of CIOs seek to decrease investments in legacy infrastructure. Understanding this transition’s importance and navigating it can position businesses for sustained growth and success.

Improvements To The Way You Connect Your Data to Databox

Let’s say you want to connect an Integration like GA4, and pull data from 3 different “properties” ( = 3 different Data Sources). Before, that required you to authenticate your Google account 3 times. Now, you’ll only have to log in and authenticate the Integration once. Once you do, you can select the Data Sources within that Integration you want the authentication to apply for.

The Full Power of Data Apps is Here

We’re happy to announce that Data Apps, which have been in Public beta since September 2023, are finally here for everyone. We received great feedback from the Beta users, and we are excited to roll out Data Apps to general availability. There is also few updates, see "What's new" below. Data Apps is a functionality that allows Keboola users to create interactive web applications that can be infused with your company’s data. It’s quick and easy and only requires knowledge of Python.

From Potential Disaster To Driver of Change... Data Execs Share Their Journeys To Effective AI

A potential recipe for disaster proved to be the focus of every data executive’s agenda over the last year. A year ago many data leaders were caught off-guard. Employees embraced new gen AI tools with fervor, driving interest in all AI initiatives. Generative AI had penetrated the enterprise, with gen AI positioned in the Peak Of Inflated Expectation segment on the Gartner Hype Cycle for Artificial IntelligenceI, 20231.

Leverage Trusted Data: Alation Data Intelligence Platform

Nick Jewell, Senior Principal Product Marketing Manager at Alation, demonstrates how to use the Alation Data Intelligence Platform to easily find, understand, and use trusted data.The demo focuses on how data engineers, data governors, and data users can leverage Alation and Snowflake Horizon to more efficiently ingest, monitor, and share governed data.

Session Level Data Update - App Analyzer - SaaS in 60

The latest update to the App Analyzer brings a new feature: session-level data. Now, the App Analyzer can answer vital questions, such as which users are accessing which applications, how long they stay in each app, what sheets they use, the duration on each sheet, and the frequency of navigation between sheets. It also tracks the number of concurrent users within an app or across all apps in the tenant.