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Kong Konnect RESTful Admin APIs and AWS AppSync GraphQL Services - Part I: Query

GraphQL is a query language to enable applications to fetch data from servers. In fact, as it isn't tied to any specific database or storage engine, GraphQL can aggregate data from multiple sources to create a natural representation of your data. The representation is a graph. The following image illustrates a typical GraphQL abstraction: A few common GraphQL use cases include.


Signal-driven testing: A new QA framework

Product leaders must garner multiple insights from traditional and non-traditional data streams for a more robust picture of QA needs. Enter a new approach, Signal-Driven Testing (SDT), which offers a more agile, efficient, and intelligent approach to software testing. SDT overcomes the traditional limitations of testing in isolation by harnessing real-time signals to continuously refine test coverage, targeting precious QA resources on the things that matter most over time.


AI Like a Rockstar

Although it might seem a little early, I was just thinking: what will 2023 be remembered for? For many it will be the year that Beyonce and Taylor Swift took to stages around the world and pushed the boundaries of live music (I’m a confirmed Swiftie if you didn’t know). It is also the year of AI. When I speak with customers, they all talk about how they are steering towards AI adoption.


8 Things You Can Do With Data Apps in Keboola

Imagine this: data consumers in your organization no longer anxiously wait for essential data, self-serving data with ease and confidence. Data engineers, freed from dull routine tasks and ad-hoc requests, tackling strategic projects at speed. Meet Data Apps. This new Keboola feature empowers business teams with self-serve data while freeing data engineers to focus on high-impact work. How?


When to Use Playwright Over Puppeteer in Node.js

Playwright and Puppeteer have emerged as two of the most powerful end-to-end testing Node.js libraries. Their robust APIs make it easier to test the UI and workflows of sites and web applications. Although they are similar tools that offer comparable features, there are circumstances in which one is better to use than the other. In this article, we'll look at scenarios where it's better to use Playwright than Puppeteer for functionality and performance reasons.


An Introduction to Sidekiq for Ruby on Rails

Sidekiq allows Ruby developers to maintain fast and responsive web applications by moving time-consuming tasks into the background. With multithreading at its core, Sidekiq can process many jobs at once. This makes Sidekiq an important part of Ruby or Rails applications that handle heavy loads or perform tasks like sending emails or processing files.


23 Best Free NLP Datasets for Machine Learning

NLP is a field of AI that enables machines to understand, interpret, and generate human language in a way that is both meaningful and contextually relevant. Recently, ChatGPT and similar applications have created a surge in consumer and business interest in NLP. Now, many organizations are trying to incorporate NLP into their offerings.