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Creating a Typesafe Dictionary: A Beginner's Guide

Have you ever messed up the data structure within your objects and as a result came across irresolvable errors during run-time? If yes, you’re not alone, we have all been there as developers. When the deadline approaches and you have way too many modules to work on somehow these blunders end up becoming a rampant source of misery and confusion. This makes having Typesafe dictionaries and using them throughout your web development project essential.


Angular vs AngularJS: Differences Between Angular and AngularJS

What is the difference between Angular vs AngularJS? AngularJS is the most primitive version of Angular that was developed by Google and is one of the oldest front-end frameworks for building SPAs. However, Google recently dropped support for AngularJS which makes Angular the obviously better choice out of the two. However, there are still some projects that use AngularJS and it can be helpful to understand the differences between the two in case you wish to migrate to Angular.


Introduction to Decorator Function In JavaScript

JavaScript has been the silent revolution in the world of web development. It has made creating new websites much faster and easier for developers. Features such as decoration function in javascript have blessed developers with scalability and adaptability to new user demands effectively. Just imagine the joy of customizing your T-shirt logo however you please whenever you have a new idea, that’s how easy scaling the website functionalities with the decorator function is!


Future-Proof Your Code: Top JavaScript Frameworks to Watch in 2023

The internet was written in JavaScript. This versatile programming language is supported by all major web browsers and has been used to create over 1.8 billion websites, which amounts to 98% of the world’s total (that figure will probably have jumped a few thousand by the time you finish this article). Developers love JavaScript for the dynamic web pages it empowers them to build, with a whole bunch of interactive elements and user interfaces available on a drag-and-drop basis.