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Serverless Spain's Leading Platform for Extra-Curricular Activities Deploys 10x Faster with Koyeb is an all-in-one booking platform for kids' activities in Spain. Offering more than 2,000 classes, camps, and events to over 17,000 monthly visitors, is on a mission to help parents navigate the complex world of extra-curricular activities and to help activity organizers manage and grow their businesses. For businesses, streamlines bookings, payments, and client management. This year, plans to serve over 15,000 businesses and 50,000 families.

What is RAG? Retrieval-Augmented Generation for AI

Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) is an AI framework and powerful approach in NLP (Natural Language Processing) where generative AI models are enhanced with external knowledge sources and retrieval-based mechanisms. These appended pieces of outside knowledge provide the model with accurate, up-to-date information that supplements the LLM’s existing internal representation of information. As the name suggests, RAG models have a retrieval component and a generation component.

Deploy Apps and Containers in Singapore on High-Performance Infrastructure GA

Everything you need to deploy high-performance serverless apps is available in Singapore: Singapore is our first Asia-Pacific region in GA, joining Washington, D.C. and Frankfurt, Germany, EU in the GA club with all our services available in these 3 regions. The new Eco instances are now available in Singapore and allow you to start for only $1.61/month, billed per second.

Autoscaling Now In Public Preview: Build, Run, and Autoscale Apps Globally

Today marks a monumental milestone: Autoscaling is now in public preview and available to all our users. Don't like to wake up in the middle of the night to scale up? Do you still have nightmares of the time you forgot to scale down your cloud infrastructure? Autoscaling is the answer: we adjust infrastructure to demand dynamically. We built our autoscaling feature to be: Autoscaling is powerful and raises some questions: It was the most requested feature on our feedback platform with new regions.

FoxSell's Journey to Time, Cost, and Performance Optimization with Koyeb

Today, e-commerce has become much of the world's preferred way to shop, thanks to its convenience and accessibility. With more shoppers looking at online stores, both small and large businesses alike need to establish their presence in the online marketplace. A key player in this transition is Shopify, a game-changing commerce platform that simplifies building, customizing, growing, and managing an online store.

Deploying serverless applications with Laravel Vapor

In recent years, the serverless paradigm has become known as a transformative approach to application development, allowing us to focus more on writing code and less on managing infrastructure. Laravel Vapor, a serverless deployment platform for Laravel applications, brings the power of the Laravel framework into the world of serverless architecture.

Nuclio Demo

Nuclio is a high-performance serverless framework focused on data, I/O, and compute intensive workloads. It is well integrated with popular data science tools, such as Jupyter and Kubeflow; supports a variety of data and streaming sources; and supports execution over CPUs and GPUs. The Nuclio project began in 2017 and is constantly and rapidly evolving; many start-ups and enterprises are now using Nuclio in production. In this video, Tomer takes you through a quick demo of Nuclio, triggering functions both from the UI and the CLI.

University of British Columbia HART Accelerates Deployments with Koyeb

In the face of Canada’s housing crisis, the University of British Columbia’s Housing Assessment Resource Tools (HART) set out to make government census data more accessible. By developing more intuitive tools and offering valuable resources, HART plays a key role in providing essential information for governments, housing developers, and the public to make informed, data-driven decisions.

How to Use Dependency Injection in Azure Functions

Azure Functions is a powerful function as a service (FaaS) tool in the Microsoft Azure cloud computing service. Built to create event-driven, scalable, serverless computing services and applications, Azure Functions enable developers to focus on code logic without worrying about application infrastructure. The service also simplifies scaling apps and reduces costs, users only pay for resources consumed.