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How to Align API Metrics to Business Objectives

Join Matt Tanner, Head of Developer Relations at Moesif, for a deep-dive webinar on aligning API metrics with your business objectives. In this session, you'll learn how to move beyond traditional infrastructure metrics like uptime and latency and instead focus on metrics that drive customer value and business growth, such as adoption, engagement, and retention. Matt shares actionable insights on: This webinar is perfect for product managers, developers, and business leaders looking to enhance their API strategies and drive significant business outcomes.

Heroku + Moesif: Unleashing Deep API Analytics for Your Applications

With API-driven applications being increasingly common, understanding how your APIs are performing is crucial for success. That’s where the combination of Heroku and Moesif allows developers and their organizations to step up their observability game. In this blog, we will quickly examine how you can integrate Moesif with your Heroku app to begin monetizing and analyzing your API traffic. Let’s kick things off by taking a brief look at both platforms.

The Ultimate Guide to API for Developer Productivity

In this guide, we help you navigate the API landscape with confidence as a developer. This no-nonsense guide spotlights RESTful, SOAP, and GraphQL APIs and their roles in optimizing your projects. We discuss best practices and integration strategies that can refine your development toolkit, helping you build resilient, interconnected software systems with ease.

Announcing Moesif API Analytics and Monetization For

We are thrilled to announce that Moesif now offers full plugin support for! This new integration provides users with advanced API analytics and monetization capabilities, empowering you to gain deeper insights into your API usage and optimize your API strategy. Whether you’re looking to monitor performance, understand user behavior, or implement flexible monetization models, Moesif’s robust feature set is now at your fingertips within the ecosystem.

The Essential Guide to Understanding Every API Type

APIs, or application programming interfaces, allow different software systems to communicate. But different types of APIs exist. Each type serves a different purpose. And each type has its own pros, cons, and use cases. This article breaks down the main API categories—open, partner, internal, and composite. We also discuss the types of APIs based on the protocols they use. At the end of this article, you can confidently choose the right one for your needs.

How to Easily Deploy Usage-Based Billing with Moesif and SBT-AWS for SaaS

Are you building a SaaS application on AWS and wrestling with the complexities of implementing usage-based billing? Moesif and Amazon Web Services(AWS) are working together to make it easy for SaaS architects and developers to implement usage-based billing with the SaaS Builder Toolkit for AWS(SBT-AWS). Moesif is a cloud-based solution for usage-based metering and billing. SBT-AWS is an open-source developer toolkit provided by AWS to implement SaaS best practices.

Essential Open APIs for Thriving in App Development

An application programming interface (API) defines a set of rules and protocols that allow different software entities to communicate with one another. Open or public APIs offer free access to everyone with little or no restrictions. These public APIs allow developers to build innovative solutions and extend existing ones covering a variety of use cases. In this article, we cover some of the best open APIs from different categories.

Master the Craft: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Develop an API

This guide provides a streamlined approach to the API development process, detailing the essential phases from the initial concept to the realization of a fully operational API. You’ll discover how to plan, design, and implement your own API and ensure it’s reliable and secure. With practical insights and actionable advice, you’ll learn the nuances of API development, from understanding the needs of your users to creating a scalable infrastructure that can handle growth.

Mastering Good API Design Principles: The What, Why, and How

API design principles are models for building strong connections in a digital world where APIs bridge gaps between systems. This article strips down the complexity of API design to present you with the tried-and-true principles that ensure functionality, reliability, and ease of use. Learn to lay the foundations of a great API without the guesswork so you can focus on what truly matters: crafting an exceptional tool that seamlessly integrates and scales with technological demands.